After Denise Richards And Cardi B, This $500,000 Worth Former Baywatch Actor Joins OnlyFans In Search Of More Money And Fame

The actress who is famously known for her role in the movie Baywatch, Donna D’Errico has recently announced that she has created a profile for herself on OnlyFans. The 54-year-old actress claims that she has created the account for reasons other than what the platform is normally recognized for. However, this is not the first time an actress has joined the platform known for raunchy videos and pictures as Denise Richards and Cardi B have already taken the lead by already having existing accounts on the platform. Albeit having their own unique reasons for joining the platform, Donna D’Errico seems to be the first of the stars to join the platform seemingly just to earn some extra fame and cash.

Donna D’Errico defends her stand on joining OnlyFans

Donna D'Errico
Donna D’Errico

The actress felt as if she needed to defend herself after all the online backlash she was facing and stated “People think that everyone on that site is doing raunchy stuff. It may upset some people. I don’t mind. If someone from a decent society dared to open an account there, they could kiss their reputation and even their job goodbye.”

Her take on the controversial brand rings true for a lot of members who exist on the platform that do not represent the “raunchy” side of the site. However, it is unfortunate to note that the Baywatch actress that everyone had a crush on has to face online backlash for attempting to expand her field of work.

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Denise Richards and Cardi B lead by example

Denise Richards
Denise Richards

The actress from Wild Things 2, Denise Richards, and the famous rapper, Cardi B, have both taken the lead in making their own accounts on the platform. However, they have had specific reasons to back that decision. Due to Denise Richard’s daughter facing backlash for joining the site, the actress and mother decided to not only support but also join her daughter in being a content creator for OnlyFans. Even after having some tough moments within the family, the actress still seems to have her daughter’s back. As for the American rapper, Cardi B, her reasoning for joining the platform is to upload behind the scene footage of the production for her music such as the most notable song the rapper is known for WAP.

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Is OnlyFans truly meant for all kinds of content creators?

OnlyFans Logo

The controversial platform attempted to reinvent itself last year, however, that attempt failed as the brand has come to recognize that most of its income generated comes from the creators who promote their not-safe-for-work content on the platform. Therefore, it can be argued that even though OnlyFans is a viable option for content creators to earn income, it can only be utilized to gain fame and wealth for creators who do not want to expose themselves in a manner that the majority of the accounts on the platform are known for. As for those who embrace the “raunchy” side of the platform, they have a lot more to gain than a quick headline and followers as the top creators have come out with their monthly earnings being equal to some Hollywood-level movie budgets.

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