After Getting Attacked by Fans on Social Media, Taylor Swift Hides Her Face With Umbrella as She Gets off Her Luxurious Private Jet Amid Controversy

The American singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift has become the number one celebrity to cause the most carbon emissions through her private jets.

The pictures resurfaced this week after a report named her the number one climate criminal. In pictures, she is getting off her private jet and hiding in an umbrella on July 5 at Hollywood Burbank Airport.

Taylor Swift

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Fans call Taylor Swift a Climate Criminal

As the photos from Hollywood Burbank Airport on 5 July resurfaced this week, things do not seem all too well for the ‘All too well’ singer. According to a recent report by a UK-based sustainability firm Wearyard, Taylor Swift tops the chart for climate criminals with her trips on her private jets.

The list also includes celebrities like Floyd Mayweather, JayZ, Kim Kardashian, Oprah Winfrey, Drake and many more. The report claims that Taylor Swift took 170 flights since January this year which is 22,923 minutes in the air, almost 16 days in total.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

It also mentioned that the total flight emission for her private jet for the year was above 8,293.54 tonnes. This is 1,184.8 times more than the total annual carbon emission of an average person. Her shortest flight this year was a 36 minutes flight from Missouri to Nashville.

Several members of her team also deboarded the plane with a mask on their faces as a measure to protect them from COVID-19.

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What does Taylor have to say about the private jet emission controversy?

Taylor Swift has yet not said anything personally on this issue yet. But her spokesperson has denied the accusations saying that the Grammy winner singer does not use her private jet very often. Her spokesperson told Buzzfeed News on Monday that the jet is loaned to individuals regularly.

Taylor Swift

The spokesperson also said that attributing all trips to her is incorrect. But netizens find this comment irrelevant as it’s her private jet, and she is the one loaning it to individuals. So if she stops putting it up for a loan people may consider taking a commercial flight. It can help in cutting down on carbon emissions.

Earlier in 2020, the singer sold one of her private jets in an attempt to cut down the number of private planes. She sold her Dassault Falcon 50, which she purchased in 2012.

Source: PageSix

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