After Pique’s Brutal Troll, Shakira Takes Insanity To The Next Level As She Builds A Wall To Separate Herself From Pique’s Family

It’s been roughly seven months since singer Shakira and soccer player Gerard Pique announced their split officially. At the time, the reason behind their split was unclear, however, as time passed, fans got to know that the singer ended their 11-year-long relationship because she found out about the soccer player’s infidelity.

After their relationship came crashing down, it was revealed that the soccer player moved out of their house while the singer continued living there. The house is situated right next to Gerard Pique’s parents, Joan Pique, and Montserrat Bernabeu’s house in Barcelona. The singer is now planning to build a wall to separate the two properties.

Shakira is planning to build a wall between her house and Gerard Pique’s parents’ house

Colombian singer Shakira

When the two were dating, soccer player Gerard Pique and singer Shakira decided to buy a house right next to the soccer player’s parents’ house in Barcelona. The two properties were connected to make things easier for the family. However, now that they are separated, Shakira has decided to build a wall to close access to her house, where she lives with her children now. Sources say that a cement mixer truck was spotted outside her property, which indicates that she is planning to separate the houses.

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The singer has been trolling Gerard Pique’s parents

Gerard Pique with his parents
Gerard Pique with his parents

Over the past few weeks, reports have revealed that the singer has been trolling Gerard Pique’s parents, Joan Pique and Montserrat Bernabeu. A black witch mannequin was reportedly placed on the terrace of the singer’s house, facing directly at her former in-laws’ house. The soccer player’s mother reportedly got uncomfortable and got it removed.

Shakira also recently dropped a song called BZRP Music Sessions #53 that seems to be a direct attack on Gerard Pique. The singer reportedly played the song very loudly with her windows open so her former in-laws can hear it.

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Gerard Pique clapped back at Shakira’s song

Gerard Pique mocks Shakira's diss song
Gerard Pique pointing at his Casio watch

FC Barcelona star Gerard Pique did not hold back either, as the soccer player decided to mock Shakira’s song on King’s League’s Twitch channel. He wore a Casio watch, which was intentional as Shakira’s song has the lyric, “You traded a Rolex for a Casio.” He said,

“This watch is for life. Casio has given us watches. We have an agreement with Casio, the King’s League has reached an agreement with Casio.”

The two announced in June that they are officially ending their 11-year-long relationship. Reports claimed that the primary reason behind their split was Gerard Pique’s infidelity. The soccer player reportedly cheated on the singer with a woman named Clara Chia Marti. Since their split, Gerard Pique has been spotted with his new girlfriend multiple times.

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Source: Marca

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