After Risking His Married Life With Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds Finds Massive Success With His $2.5 Million Worth Soccer Team

Wrexham AFC, the Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds, and Rob McElhenney-owned Welsh team had its latest match against Sheffield United, which ended in a draw. The match was an enticing one, which was appreciated and enjoyed by the viewers. Wrexham AFC plays in the fifth tier of the National League. However, it has been recently reported that the co-owned low-level soccer club is to take part in the $1 million seven-a-side Soccer Tournament in the US. 

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s team Wrexham A.F.C.

Ever since the Hollywood stars have co-owned the soccer club, it has been well appreciated by the Americans. The club is therefore to enter the TST dating from 1st to 4th June, in Cary, North Carolina. Wrexham AFC is the ninth team to announce its participation in the tournament. 

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Ryan Reynolds’ team finds massive success in the soccer world

Wrexham AFC founded in 1864 have a long history of wins and defeats. However, the club was not doing quite well during its last few years before Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney bought the club in February 2021. The club, with a current evaluation of $ 2.5 million, is to feature club legends. 

Wrexham AFC
Wrexham AFC is to enter the Soccer Tournament in the US

Ryan Reynolds’ Wrexham AFC is to enter the Soccer Tournament known as TST in the US. The $1 million seven-a-side tournament will mark Wrexham AFC’s first visit to the US. The Hollywood stars and owners of the club have hosted a TV series Welcome to Wrexham, wherein the entire journey of the team is showcased. 

Shaun Harvey, the advisor to the board of the club is optimistic about the team’s win at the US tournament. “We look forward to debuting in the US with a legends team and the ambition of winning the tournament” Harvey commented. He further added, “Should we be successful, $500,000 of the prize money will be used to enhance the Club’s work in the local community.”

Despite their 3-3 draw in the National League against Sheffield United, the club is going places with a proper strategy handed down by the Deadpool star. 

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Ryan Reynolds risked his marriage with Blake Lively to seek success for his team

The evaluation of Wrexham AFC is considered low, provided it’s more than century-long history. Formed in 1864, Wrexham AFC is the oldest Welsh club, and the third-oldest club in the history of football. Despite having such a well-decorated and eminent history of nearly 159 years, the club had been failing miserably. 

Ryan Reynolds came to the rescue when he bought the club in 2021 along with Rob McElhenney. The team’s prominent potential was brought out following Reynolds and McElhenney’s purchase. The actors further decided to launch a TV series Welcome to Wrexham documenting the history and growth of the team, in order to increase media following and merchandise sales. 

Wrexham AFC
Ryan Reynolds launched the TV series Welcome to Wrexham

Despite the great success of the team, it was reported that Ryan Reynolds faced some differences from his wife Blake Lively. Witnessing the deteriorated condition of the club, Lively didn’t appreciate Reynolds’ investment in the club. However, the actor risked his marriage and proceeded to make an investment in his foresighted success. 

Currently, Wrexham AFC’s success is beyond measure, and they are to be welcomed to America. TST founder & CEO Jon Mugar is proud to welcome the team. “Wrexham AFC is an incredible story showcasing the experience that can unfold when fans, players, and owners are equally committed to the Club and the community” Mugar commented. 

Ryan Reynolds’ team Wrexham AFC is to proceed towards their big goal of the TST-organized unprecedented, million-dollar, winner-take-all prize. Despite Blake Lively’s opposition to Ryan Reynolds’ investment in Wrexham AFC, the players in red are to make their debut in the US. 

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Source: Wrexham AFC

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