After Taylor Swift Controversy, Ticketmaster Tries to Absolve Itself With BTS Heartthrob Suga’s Insanely High Demand Tour

Suga is one of the most loved members of the boy band BTS. Last month, he took the world by surprise after it was announced that he would do a solo tour shortly. Ticketmaster is the leading ticketing platform in the world and they took the opportunity to sell tickets for one of the most loved artists in the world right now. However, not everything went in their favor as the pre-sale for the concert of the Korean rapper went live on Wednesday. Due to the popular Ticketmaster–Taylor Swift fiasco, the image of Ticketmaster suffered greatly last year.


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Last year in November, Ticketmaster and Taylor Swift were involved in a huge controversy. Therefore, Ticketmaster trying to sell the tickets to Suga’s concert has got the internet convinced that this is just a move to repair their damaged image.

Ticketmaster’s controversy with Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift partnered up with Ticketmaster to sell tickets for her 2023 tour. However, everything just fell apart on the morning of 18 November, as the verified fan pre-sale went live. A total of almost 3.5 million people registered for pre-sale tickets of The Eras Tour on the very first day of sales. However, within an hour the site crashed due to overloaded traffic. No one else got any more tickets for the rest of the day. Although the website had crashed, 2.4 million tickets were still sold out on the very first day.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

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Ticketmaster later apologized to Taylor Swift and her fans for giving them so much trouble with the pre-sales. But the image of the company suffered greatly from this fiasco. The company also faced major backlash from the public and the fans.

Ticketmaster is just trying to salvage its image with Suga’s tour

After the Taylor Swift controversy last year, Ticketmaster received a lot of hate. So, in order to rescue its brand and image, the organization decided to partner up with one of the most loved artists in the world right now, Suga. The Korean rapper is the first member of the band BTS who decided to do a solo tour. The pre-sale of Suga’s concert tickets went live on Wednesday earlier this week and a lot of people complained about the high prices of tickets. On top of that, Ticketmaster further announced that there will not be a general sale for Suga’s tour.


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It seems like their mission to salvage their images was a failure after all. A lot of people took to Twitter on Wednesday to complain about the high prices of tickets for Suga’s concerts. Many fans are also heartbroken because they were unable to get the tickets and now they won’t be able to attend Suga’s concert after all.

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