‘Age Of Ultron’ May Have Revealed The Title For Avengers 4

The title for Avengers 4 is still unknown and no matter how hard fans are trying, no one seems to be able to crack the code. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from trying, and one fan feels that there might be a clue to the title in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

As confirmed by the Russos that the title for Avengers 4 wasn’t revealed in Infinity War at any point, but a Reddit user has pointed out that the title may have been spoken in an earlier Avengers film. Reddit user HelsenDiaN takes us back to the scene when Vision is born in Age of Ultron after Thor uses his lightning to bring life to the new hero. This follows Avengers questioning each other if they can trust him or not.

Now, this is where Scarlet Witch offers a hint to the Avengers 4 title.

“I looked into your head and saw annihilation,” she told him. Now, this may be a hint towards the future of Mind Stone, or she could just be referring to the evil plans of Ultron to destroy Sokovia.

When you combine this with the fact that Annihilation is already a fan-favourite guess, this theory is a strong contender for the Avengers 4 title. Annihilation is also a massive Marvel storyline, which makes fans wonder if it will just get one Marvel film.

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