Aiming To Become Richer Than Ex-Fiance Jennifer Lopez and Her $400M Fortune, Alex Rodriguez Partnered With Men’s Cosmetic Line To Show Ex’s ‘JLo Beauty’ the Finger

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez looked like the ‘it couple’ when they were together. The two, who started seeing each other in 2017, looked very likely to go the distance. They were engaged to be married, but broke up in April 2021, after 4 years of staying together.

Their break-up didn’t see them lose respect for each other either. They still hold each other in absolute esteem. But the whole ‘being friends after break-up’ thing didn’t come easy for them. They even almost got engaged in a battle over their respective cosmetic lines.

Alex Rodriguez was back to work soon after his break-up with JLo

Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez released a skin concealer soon after his split from JLo

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s split caused a lot of shockwaves in the world. A lot of people were caught off-guard when the two declared their decision to split. It was difficult for the stars to process as well, given how serious they were. But they had no time to mull over any of that – they were back to work within a month.

Alex Rodriguez dropped an entirely new cosmetics range that May. He released the product in partnership with Hims, a product that was created to aid men to hide their blemishes. Taking to Instagram, he promoted The Blur Stick, which is “a convenient concealer specifically designed for men that can be used for skin imperfections like him.”

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The timing seemed somewhat sus

Alex Rodriguez’s release came soon after ex-Jennifer Lopez declared she had something huge in store

What was surprising was its timing, not only because of how recently the two had broken up, but also because it was just followed by the Jenny on the Block singer promoting products of her own company, JLo Beauty. Just that week, Lopez had dropped the teaser promoting the latest addition to her beauty line.

She captioned the video, “@JLOBeauty is my labor of love and delivers the skincare secrets I’ve discovered over the years to give you firmer, plumper, more radiant skin that delivers hydration all day long. Shop #JLOBEAUTY and discover my secrets today. #linkinbio for more.” 

Was the timing a mere coincidence?

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What was Alex Rodriguez’s real motive behind the Hims collaboration?

Alex Rodriguez
Did Alex Rodriguez drop his cosmetic series with the intention of beating JLo?

Fans couldn’t help but speculate that there was more to the situation than what met the eyes. There were rumors in the air that the MLB legend had released his beauty line to surpass JLo Beauty and come out a richer man in the end. That would be his way of showing her what she had lost.

But given how the dynamics between the two have evolved, that seems less than likely to be the case. Even after going their different ways, the 47-year-old has nothing but respect for the Maid in Manhattan star. Their relationship might be over, but respect for each other isn’t.

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