Alec Baldwin Says He is NOT Playing ‘Thomas Wayne’ in The Joker Movie

Alec Baldwin discredited reports he’s been cast in Todd Phillips’ Joker movie as a Donald Trump-like character – but does so in a Trump-like way.  In modern times, Warner Bros has been constructing their DC comics shared CU, illegally surnamed the DC Extended Universe, with the likes of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman, and Suicide Squad. However, after some alterations behind the scenes, Warner Bros’ next DC movie slate appears to be quite different than when the universe was declared.  A massive alteration is Warner Bros. is launching an exclusive DC franchise that shall take place differently from the main world, to be surnamed DC dark or DC black.  The first of these films arrive next year with Phillips’ Joker.

Joaquin Phoenix who is playing the Joker, the film will follow a different big-screen iteration of the character than the one showcased by Jared Leto in Suicide Squad. With a 2019 release date already set by Warner Bros., Joker looks to start shooting soon, and as such, is rounding out its cast. Robert de Niro, Marc Maron, Zazie Beetz and Alec Baldwin have reportedly joined the cast in various roles alongside Phoenix, but one actor has since discredited those reports.

Baldwin was cast in Joker as Thomas Wayne, the father of Bruce Wayne. Obviously, it’s Bruce who later becomes Batman after observing the death of his mother, Martha, and father. Reports of Baldwin’s casting signalized the character of Thomas would be “in the mold of a 1980s Donald Trump.” Now, however, Baldwin has seemingly refuted the reports of his casting on Twitter and/or that his character will be in the vein of the U.S. president. See Baldwin’s tweet below.

On first sight, the tweet appears to be quite straight-faced refusal of the report that concerned his casting in the film, even though those reports came from respectable and reputed people and trades. It is obviously so unclear, based on the statements of Baldwin’s tweet, whether he is refusing the whole report of his casting or particularly that his character is a  “Trump manque.” Probably, Baldwin is playing Thomas Wayne, but there’s a different character that may be in the vein of Trump. When looking deeper into the tweet, Baldwin also utilizes the type of tweet structure typical of President Trump, using caps lock and periods to indicate emphasis. If that is the case and Baldwin is jokingly playing into the role he’s reportedly been cast in, this tweet is less of a refusal and more of a funny confirmation. For the present, it is so unclear, the fact that Baldwin is indicating something through his tweet, but if we see it from a different perspective, it seems he may not be in Phillips’ Joker movie after all. Even though all of this is it, with the film aspiring for an October 2019 release date, production will need to get underway soon. Filming onJoker is reportedly set to begin next month and if that is the case, a full cast list will be made available. That will officially confirm once and for all who is set to appear alongside Phoenix’s Clown Prince of Crime in Joker.

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