Alert:Call of Duty is Reboot of The Gritty Black Ops!

A rumor from a prominent leaker suggests Call of Duty 2020 is going to be a Black Ops reboot that focuses on grittier gameplay supported real conflicts.

Call of Duty is Back with Some Update!

Call of Duty is Back with Some Update!
Modern Warfare Compatible with Modern World!

A report from pre-eminent leaker hints that the call of Duty 2020 is persisting in being a Black Ops reboot that centers on rougher gameplay and a story that is based on real-world struggles. Fans of the franchise have recently become enamored with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that provides massive multi-player battles and a few unique gameplay modes additionally. The controversy was tenacious across the game’s development and launch cycle. However, with some critics considering the issue with the game’s depictions of violence, peculiarly when it came to playable child soldiers or the deadly bio-chemical weapon, white phosphorous being included as a kill-streak bonus.

Is The Rumor True?

Is The Rumor True?
Is it Reboot of Black Ops?

According to The Gaming Revolution, a well-liked YouTube creator with a track record of trustworthy leaks regarding Call of Duty, successive installment will be a reboot of another of the series’ most iconic labels. Call of Duty 2020 will reportedly feature a gritty reboot of the Black Ops franchise right down to a narrative that may be centered in historical conflicts just like the Cold and Vietnam wars. The leaker also posited that developer Treyarch would return to require the helm of the decision of Duty: Black Ops reboot, which might make sense since Infinity Ward handled Modern Warfare’s 2019 reboot.

What Makes It Irresistible?

What Makes It Irresistible
The Update is bold in its representation of violence and loss.

If the knowledge turns out to be accurate, it’s hard to argue with Activision’s reasoning for returning to the reboot well. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare did exceptionally well and reinvigorated the franchise, stirring the pot to come up with attention for itself without shunning new fans. Loads of the attention paid to Modern Warfare within the build-up to its release, how developer Infinity Ward wouldn’t draw back from realistic depictions of war. As an example, it could easily be repeated with a Call of Duty: Black Ops reboot that’s similarly bold in its representation of violence and loss. These rumors don’t confirm whether a Call of Duty: Black Ops reboot is going on this year. Even leakers with an authoritative history of accurate information can catch on wrong information. Have a look at the following video,

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