Alien: Facts About The Xenomorph Ridley Scott Doesn’t Want You To Know

It’s 1979 and a new science fiction horror film about Alien (Xenomorph) has hit the theatres and is directed by none other than Ridley Scott. You go with your friends and by the time you come out, your mind is blown into several pieces!

The movie revolved around a crew of spacecraft who intercepts a distress signal from a planet and decide to go and investigate it. But things get horrifying as they are attacked by an Alien aka the Xenomorph who invades their ship. The movie stars Ian Holm, John Hurt, Sigourney Weaver, and Bolaju Badejo among many. The alien Xenomorph totally won over the audiences and has its own fan base, but there are quite a few things about the alien not many know!

1. Xenomorph can easily Adapt!

The Xenomorph

Few fans have pointed out that the alien can take many forms. We have seen it bursting out of a human host and even a dog. Just imagine Xenomorph crossbreeds and how horrifying and dangerous they would be.

2. They Decided Not to Give It Eyes!

The Xenomorph
Ridley Scot’s Alien

As H.R. Giger was adapting his initial painting of the alien of the design, he intentionally decided to not give “it” eyes as it had in the OG painting. He thought by not giving it eyes, would give the creature a cold and soulless look and it did. They successfully did creep us out! And oh, the special effects team H.R.  Giger was part of went on to win an Oscar for the visual design for the film.

3.  The Acid Blood!

The Xenomorph
A still from Alien 1979

Xenomorph’s blood was acid for a reason. Ron Cobb is known for coming up with great ideas for films like Total Recall and Star Wars few of many. It was his idea that the blood should be acidic. This highly corrosive and acidic blood of the Alien could actually make a hole in the ship. The reason for showing it was to eliminate the obvious question, ” Why didn’t they just shoot the alien?”

4. The Alien was Meant to be Translucent

The Xenomorph
A Still from Alien 1979

The original idea was that the alien would have a translucent body. The design team even started building the translucent suit but as they did, Ridley Scott rejected the idea. It was later his idea that the alien should be “dark and a steely figure” so it could blend into the shadows effortlessly.

5. It can Feel The Burn

The Xenomorph

The Xenomorph is very sensitive to heat and throwing the flamethrowers as the weapon is the only choice (sort of). And the use of weapons also leaves some stunning visuals. Watching that flame toasting the alien is surely satisfying to watch!

6. (Bonus) Bolaji Badejo was discovered at a Bar!!!

Xenomorph Ridely Scott
Bolaji Badejo

A Nigerian student was sitting in a pub enjoying himself when Alien’s casting director spotted him. He was thin and 7 feet tall and was the perfect frame to fill in the costume and was cast in the role. Bolaji actually beat Peter Mayhew (who played Chewbacca) for the role and this was his only film!

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