Alien Nation Reboot On Hold By Disney

Decision for an Alien Nation Reboot

Disney has terminated or pushed back many 20th Century Fox jobs since handling those possessions in their landmark contract with 21st Century Fox. The latest task to get sidelined is the Jeff Nichols guided Alien Nation reboot. The job is being put on hold by Disney but not yet terminated. It’s unsure how the project harmonizes Disney’s current slate. Other delayed might not even see the light of the day after their constant push backs. (i.e. New Mutants).


Possibility of Disney agreeing to the reboot

Disney Alien Nation Reboot
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Alien Nation was a 1988 film starring James Caan as well as Mandy Patinkin.  The plot was that an enslaved alien race lands in the Mojave Desert, and there are quite a few of them. The aliens soon live among people. Police detective Matthew Sykes (Caan) ends up obtaining an alien as a partner called Sam Francisco (Patinkin) after his partner dies. The two end up uncovering a plot to utilize a medicine concoction that aided shackle the aliens before to make them servants on Earth once more. The flick had not been a big hit at the time. Yet it made adequate to generate a tv series, though that only ran for one season. It’s not confirmed if this movie will at some point make it to manufacturing or if this is an indefinite hold.


Disney shifting the pace

Disney Alien Nation Reboot
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Since the merging, Disney folded the Fox 2000 brand name. Fox 2000 featured movies like the Tom Hanks-led News of the World as well as Angie Thomas’ On The Come up. Fox’s Dark Phoenix was additionally the last movie in the long-running X-Men franchise. It will continue until Marvel Studios can introduce the X-Men personalities in the MCU at some future time. Currently, it looks like it will undoubtedly be a while before we see them, as Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige has hinted it can even be around five years. With any luck, it is not somewhat than long; however, Marvel already had lots of strategies in the pipe before the bargain underwent, so it kind of makes sense.


Watch the trailer for the 1988 Alien Nation here:


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