All 8 Comic Book Characters Chris Evans Has Played In The Movies, Ranked

Captain America may be his most famous comic book movie role. But that is not the only comic book role Chris Evans has played on screen. here are some other comic book characters Chris Evans has portrayed.

Casey Jones – TMNT

Casey Jones

In the 2007 animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, Chris Evans lent his voice for the character Casey Jones. The character made his debut in the TMNT comic books way back in 1985, 22 years before Evans would voice the character in the animated film. A sequel was in the works but never happened.

Jensen – The Losers

Jake Jensen

The Losers is a little known 2010 film based on a 32 issue mini series by Andy Diggle. the comic book was published under the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics. the movie was directed by Sylvain White. In the movie, a group of spec-ops military veterans who were double-crossed and now live in anonymity come together to save the world from the machinations of a madman who has acquired WMD technology. Chris Evans plays master of disguise and expert computer hacker – Jake Jensen in the film. The movie also features his future MCU co-stars Idris Elba and Zoe Saldana.

Lucas Lee – Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

This is the only comic book villain role the actor has played. In Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel series, Lucas Lee is a mega action film star and the primary villain in the second volume of the series. But in the Edgar Wright movie adaptation, Lucas Lee is only a minor villain . That is because the director condensed all six volumes of the comic book series into one feature length movie.

Human Torch – The Fantastic Four Films

Human Torch

His other notable comic book role is playing Johnny Storm of the Fantastic Four. In the 2005 20th Century Fox film, Chris Evans bagged the role of the Human Torch. Able to engulf his entire body in flames, the actor did a real good job given the script and the screenplay left so little wiggle room for the actors to make the fans like them. Two years later, Chris Evans returned to play the same character once more in Rise of the Silver Surfer. The Fantastic Four films may not be the best of the superhero genre but Evans did a good job playing the funky and hilarious Johnny Storm.

Nick Grant – Push

Push (2009)

When Push came out in 2009, there was no comic book source material the character was based on. Then a prequel comic book series exploring the character’s origin story was released by DC Comics. In the world of Push, people with psychic and psionic abilities exist and are hunted down by a shadowy agency called the Division.

Loki – Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Dark World

Twice Evans has portrayed Loki in his Captain America avatar,. In Thor: The Dark World, Loki transforms into Cap and mocks Thor. Chris Evans had to change his demeanor to fit the persona of the God of mischief. In Endgame too, the actor portrayed Loki again in his own avatar.

Curtis – Snowpiercer


Written by Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette, the comic book the 2013 Bong Joon-Ho movie is based on is called Le Transperceneige. This is the first non-Marvel comic book role Chris Evans starred in after his foray into the MCU. Based on the 1982 comic book, Evans plays the character of Curtis Everett, a passenger of a train that travels perpetually for all eternity in a world that has been engulfed in a new ice age. Curtis helps incite a revolution to take down the class system inside the train.

Captain America – Marvel Cinematic Universe

Steve Rogers

The greatest comic book role ever played by Chris Evans is the role of Captain America aka Steve Rogers of the Avengers. A persona of unwavering ideals and moral standards, Rogers is a super soldier that leads the Avengers in both the comic books and in the MCU films. We could not have had a better choice for the role of Captain America than Evans. So far, Chris Evans has made 9 separate appearances as Captain America in the MCU starting with 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger. His legacy as an Avenger forever lives in our hearts and inspires us.

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