All Easter Eggs And Larger MCU References In Moon Knight Episode 3, Explained

Moon Knight is well-past its three episodes and here are some MCU Easter eggs from its recently concluded episode 3. Shifting the series’ action right from London to Cairo, the third episode of Moon Knight shifts its focus from Steven Grant to his mercenary ego, Marc Spector, thereby reversing their roles from the opening two episodes of the series. Arthur Harrow (played by Ethan Hawke) has started to dig up his beloved Ammit, eventually forcing Marc Spector – the avatar of Khonshu, an Egyptian god – to take some big measures in the third episode; like summoning other Egyptian gods, putting on a firecracker display globally. Layla (May Calamawy), who happens to be an archaeological thief and also, his estranged wife, joins the fun, and the duo successfully succeeds at unearthing the true location of the tomb of Ammit… alongside a sarcophagus full of Moon Knight Easter eggs.

Until now, Moon Knight has stayed quite distanced from the wider narrative of the MCU – compared to the products from the conveyor belt of Marvel – but there are some references to be found.

You may hear Moon Knight’s Soundtrack Play On The Taxi Radio

Moon Knight Episode 3 Easter Eggs

The third episode of Moon Knight opens up and even closes with “Enta” by DJ Kaboo. The sample of the song, “Batwanes Beek” can, however, be also heard when Marc finds himself waking up inside an Egyptian taxi that is making its way to the nearest airport, thanks to a (presumably frightened) Steven Grant. This, nevertheless, looks like quite a neat touch that is certain to have the audience humming the song for the rest of the day.

Moon Knight Still Teases Jake Lockley As A Third Alter

Moon Knight Episode 3
Is this Jake Lockley in Moon Knight?

The Disney+ series hasn’t yet shied upon when it comes to setting up a third alter ego, in addition to two already, namely, Marc Spector and Steven Grant. There are some questions unanswered though: Who was the one to ask Steven’s museum colleague on the same date? What actually happens to the one-finned wonder? Who was the one seen drinking topless in the climax of the second episode of Moon Knight episode?

All these factors point towards Jake Lockley as a third identity. In Marvel comics, Lockley is seen as a private detective, and well, he is exactly the man who would beat up criminals for fun – and well, for information. In the third episode, neither Marc nor Steven recalls bloodying the thugs – which could be a subtle easter egg from Moon Knight Easter, teasing Jack Lockley’s debut.

“Senfu” From Moon Knight Episode 3 Explained

Senfu's sarcophagus
Senfu’s sarcophagus contains the location of Ammit’s tomb

Yatzil is the one pointing Marc Spector towards Senfu’s sarcophagus, which contains the location of the tomb of Ammit. Here, Senfu might be inspired by the Pharaoh Sneferu, who was the one behind building various ancient Egyptian pyramids.

Sneferu’s sacred connection to the architecture might just explain why Senfu was the one to be trusted with hiding the tomb of Ammit in Moon Knights history.

Moon Knight Also Introduces Midnight Man

Senfu could be inspired by the real-life Pharaoh Sneferu
Midnight Man in Moon Knight

If Moon Knight is sometimes referred as Marvel’s Batman, Anton Mogart might be his Joker – and even Marc Spector couldn’t resist making this point with a subtle, “This joker?” jibe. Portrayed by the late Gaspard Ulliel, Mogart is known in the world of Marvel as Midnight Man – who is a skilled art thief, swearing revenge against Moon Knight after the vigilante left him disfigured.

While the third episode of Moon Knight doesn’t give us a suggestion that the MCU’s Mogart is a costumed supervillain, the “robe” comment made by Marc can be seen as a cute nod to Midnight Man’s costume. Even when Khonshu stands atop a clock, he taunts Marc with “tick, tock” noticing also how it’s midnight, referencing to the comic alter ego of Mogart.

Steven Grant’s Cut MCU F-Bomb

Moon Knight Episode 3
The MCU has enjoyed a long history of cutting F-bombs

The MCU has enjoyed a long history of cutting F-bombs. Aunt May, Peter Parker, Groot, Nick Fury, and many more have some quite close to eff-ing, but Moon Knight‘s Steven Grant has now joined this prestigious club. In a humorous attempt to diffuse a takedown between criminals, Steven hints that everyone should just “chill the F out“.

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