‘All Hail The King’: Johnny Depp Makes Valiant Hollywood Comeback After Winning Amber Heard Trial, Sports New Look as King Louis XV

Johnny Depp is seen in a new appearance in Paris. Following a Paris wardrobe fitting for his first acting assignment in two years. 

Johnny who just removed his distinctive beard went one step further with his new appearance. He was wearing braided hair, a fringed suede jacket, aviator sunglasses, and a brown hat as he boarded a private flight.

The Upcoming Project Of Johnny Depp

Johnny in new look
Johnny Depp

The actor is certainly getting ready for his upcoming film and has a new appearance after winning the defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard. The actor recently visited Paris for a costume fitting. He will portray King Louis XV in a historical epic produced by French director Maiwenn.

During the wardrobe fitting, Depp was photographed by the paparazzi. He was walking to the plane in Paris. He was wearing a new braided haircut, probably for his upcoming part. Later, there was speculation that he may play Jack Sparrow again in “Pirates of the Caribbean,” but nothing is clear about it for now.

What Happened In The Defamation Case?

Photo of amber and Johnny
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

As a well-known person, Johnny Depp had a difficult time prevailing in his libel case versus his ex-wife Amber Heard. He passed it, according to the seven jurors who all agreed. In a 2018 newspaper op-ed, Johnny’s ex-wife made references to charges of abuse against him, which the actor claimed to be defamatory.

The jury came to the conclusion that Depp deserved $10 million. However, Depp’s win was not complete. The jury also found that Amber Heard’s claim had some validity in part. They ruled Amber was slandered by Johnny’s lawyer who claimed she had roughed up their flat to make it appear worse for police, but they dismissed two of Amber Heard’s three allegations. The jury gave her a $2 million verdict.

Fans Are Excited About His Comeback

Depp-Heard trial
Johnny Depp fans are excited to see him make a comeback

Johnny Depp fans were left ecstatic after seeing this new look in Paris earlier. Fans are waiting for every second to see Johnny on the big screen. Earlier there were rumors about Johnny coming back as Jack Sparrow.

Johnny Depp is looking for more fresh opportunities.  Moreover, this film now that his image has indeed been repaired. It seems like fans will be getting their plate full in the upcoming years.

Johnny Depp looked amazing in his new look. We all are eagerly waiting for his new project.
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