All MCU Characters That Haven’t Been Done Justice With

The MCU is already crawling with characters, and there even more of them headed into this ever-growing cinematic multiverse. We’re glad that Marvel is finally going to do justice with as many characters as possible, through their upcoming streaming shows. But before that happens, let’s take a look at all the characters that haven’t been used up to their full potential.


Pietro Maximoff died too soon! Fox’s Quicksilver may have got a better introduction, but MCU’s Quicksilver also had quite a bit of potential. His speed could have evolved over time just like Wanda’s abilities have. But it was just sad to see him perish in his debut movie. Hopefully, WandaVision will bring him back and Marvel will do justice to him.

War Machine

Rhodey is an MCU veteran, and yet he hasn’t got the kind of recognition that he deserves. Iron Man 2 was a film where War Machine felt like a total bad-ass towards the end. Then, Iron Man 3 completely wasted the character. Rhodey returned only for a tiny bit in Age of Ultron. I’m not going to deny the fact that he was used well enough in Civil War. But after that, he was back on the throne of being the most underused character with his arcs in Infinity War and Endgame. Now, we’re extremely happy that his worth will finally be understood in Armor Wars.


Avengers: Age of Ultron was the only film that used Vision’s abilities to their full potential. But after that, Captain America: Civil War had to keep him out of the fight due to the fact that he was too OP for the rest of the Avengers. And, Infinity War depowered him right from the start of his arc. Vision is capable of so much, and it feels sad that he couldn’t use his prowess during any of the battles against Thanos. He was too injured during Infinity War and he was too dead during Endgame. We really hope that WandaVision will explore the full extent of his powers. If it doesn’t… we riot!

Quite a few Asgardians

Heimdall was way too OP, and the MCU has always found ways to underpower him. Odin was extremely powerful, but we never really got to witness his full might. Maybe we should get a Disney+ Odin series which will involve a young Odin. It is there that Odin and Heimdall can be properly used. We might even get to witness the wrath of the Odinforce in that show.

Lady Sif is a massive character in the comics. But, her MCU counterpart isn’t even half as effective. She was completely missing in one movie, and Marvel didn’t even explain why. Hopefully, her return in Love And Thunder will make up for all the potential she has lost. As for the Warriors Three, they were in the MCU only to take a beating, before their ultimate demise in Thor: Ragnarok.

The Black Order

The Black Order members have achieved a lot in the comics. But they were only brought into the MCU so the Avengers would have someone to beat rather easily, and Thanos could seem mightier. It’s sad that we cannot even blame the creatives for the way Cull Obsidion, Ebony Maw, Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight were used. There was an extreme shortage of screen time, and the writers did their best. But considering the kind of abilities that these villains possess, they could have certainly been given a little more build up.

The Nova Corps.

James Gunn did one thing very well with the Nova Corps., and that was to blow up the big chunk of the Nova fleet. This is a cosmic army that keeps blowing up every now and then. So, Gunn certainly got that part right. But, after getting such a major build up, Xandar and the Nova Corps. were never even brought back on screen. It was quite unfair that they were just obliterated off screen. Hopefully, an upcoming Nova project will take us back to Xandar.

Betty Ross

Liv Tyler’s Betty Ross was set up as Bruce Banner’s love interest. But after The Incredible Hulk, it seemed like she just vanished from the face of Earth. Well, that might have literally happened at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, but that’s not the point. If Marvel had to give her an out, then they should have done it right. We’re happy for the Abomination as he will be returning. But the same cannot be said for Betty.

The Leader

At least the villains like Amobination, Crossbones, Justin Hammer, Baron von Strucker, and many others were given smaller roles in the MCU. But The Incredible Hulk created the Leader, and the MCU has kept him out of the picture ever since. It has been more than a dozen years. Hopefully Samuel Sterns will return in a future project like the Thunderbolts.

Maria Hill

Maria Hill has never really been given the spotlight. The last time she was given something important to do was in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. She rescued Cap, Sam and Nat, and that was it for her. Ever since then, she has just been present without any major involvement in the larger narrative.

Sharon Carter

Agent 13 didn’t have anything to do in The Winter Soldier. We thought that Civil War was going to change that considering the fact that she was shown as a part of ‘Team Cap’ on the movie posters. But all she got was yet another minor role. She is set to return in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and we really hope that she will get a bit more recognition with the extra screen time that the series has.

The Mandarin

What Marvel did with the Mandarin was probably the biggest example of injustice done with a live action character. Iron Man’s greatest comic book villain turned out to be a mere stage actor? I mean, WT_!! Yes, Marvel is fixing their mistake by bringing in the real Mandarin with Tony Leung. But, he will still not be taking on Iron Man. So, that was surely a missed opportunity!


Vansh Mehra
Vansh Mehra

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