All MCU Characters Who Should Get R-Rated Projects After Deadpool 3

Deadpool 3 is happening and it has got Disney and Kevin Feige’s blessing to be rated R. Before Disney acquired the assets of 20th Century Fox, it almost felt like Marvel Studios will never break the barrier and let in a few R-Rated projects. They knew their target audience and they stuck to that. But they also know Deadpool’s target audience, and that’s why we’ve finally got an R-Rated Deadpool threequel coming in.

Now that Marvel is developing an R-Rated project under Disney, they should try that out with other MCU properties as well. I mean, there are some characters that deserve rated R movies and Disney+ series. Moon Knight is among them, but his series will most likely be rated TV-14. Still, that doesn’t mean the other characters should follow suit. Here are the future MCU projects which should be R-Rated:


Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine was loved by everyone. But his most profitable entry turned out to be his last. Deadpool’s success allowed Fox to finally realize that a violent character like Wolverine needs an R-Rated setting. Logan was so special because of its tear-jerking story, but it was also loved for its bloody and violent action sequences. While it’s highly likely that MCU’s Wolverine might still get a PG-13 movie, but we could still hope for an R-Rated film. Bring back the Russos and make our wish come true Marvel!


If Josh Brolin’s Cable returns in Deadpool 3, then he should surely get a solo project after that. And, there’s no doubt in the fact that his series or movie has to be rated R. He was a total bad-ass in Deadpool 2. We’d love to see him drop a few more F-bombs and bodies in the MCU as well.


Mahershala Ali’s Blade is currently under development at Marvel Studios. If they are allowing Deadpool to specifically cater to mature audiences, then Blade shouldn’t be any different. Wesley Snipes’ three Blade movies were rated R, and at least two of them were great. The restricted rating could prove to be a risky venture. But really anything could work with the MCU branding. And, a mature rating would actually allow Blade to have both hands on the wheel. Furthermore, Marvel won’t have to hold back with the action, and horrifying creatures that Blade could bring into the mix. They could go all out and make the movie as scary and gory as possible.


We recently got confirmation that Charlie Cox has already shot his scenes as Matt Murdock in Homecoming 3. He could appear in She-Hulk after that. But if Netflix has taught us anything, it’s that Daredevil could totally hold his own TV show. So, his MCU series should be a bit gritty, grounded, and TV-MA. Marvel will possibly try to reinvent the character. But that doesn’t mean we cannot still get an R-Rated Daredevil movie or a TV-MA series.

The Punisher

While Daredevil could still work in a PG-13 / TV-14 setting the Punisher certainly won’t. Marvel has already brought Charlie Cox back. It is only a matter of time that they bring Jon Bernthal back as well. His version of Frank Castle has been extremely violent. And, it’d be amazing if he continues a similar R-Rated and bloody persona in the MCU.

The Midnight Sons

We would love to see solo projects based on the Punisher, Moon Knight, Blade, and even Ghost Rider. But even more than that, we’d love a team-up project that brings all these characters together and takes us through a supernatural ride! And, the character who could assemble these other violent characters is none other than Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange 2, Moon Knight, and Blade should set up a heavily R-Rated Midnight Sons project!

Deadpool and Spider-Man

One of the team-ups that Marvel and Sony should blindly go for is Deadpool and Spider-Man. Comic book readers and ardent MCU fans would absolutely lose their sh*ts when this dynamic duo gets together for an R-Rated project. Aunt May and Peter Parker almost dropped F-bombs in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home respectively. But this time Peter will have the license to really go for it! That’s because he’d be hanging out with uncle DP, whose vocabulary contains nothing but curse words. This team-up project could become even more special if someone like Wolverine or the Punisher showed up.

Do you agree with the fact that all these characters and projects should get an R-Rated setting? Tell us your opinions in the comments down below.

Vansh Mehra
Vansh Mehra

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