All-New SanDisk Extreme 1TB microSD Card Is Out Now

The Mobile Congress saw the announcement of a 1TB microSD scarf by SanDisk/Western Digital. This happened in February and the word for it is “extreme”. That doesn’t just hold on the speed and capacity, but for also its price tag.

SanDisk 1TB MicroSD Card Is Here!

1 TB Extreme Sandisk
1 TB Extreme Sandisk

While this was being written, you may also place SanDisk Extreme 1TB microSD card $449. This is available on Amazon, but at the time of the writing, the orders weren’t being accepted so you will have to wait. Chances are that it happens soon, maybe as early as today itself. However, only those users who needs 4K video would need to wool for the 1TB card at the point. Since the 512 GB version can be had for less than half of its price, ie. $199. This will certainly overkill in case you already have a growing Nintendo Switch. But there is one more option that’s on sale as of now which would be a great choice for all owners at this moment.

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Amazon has dropped prices for 400GB SanDisk

SanDisk 1 TB
SanDisk 1 TB


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If anyone owns a Nintendo Switch, he/she will tell you that the little 32 GB of memory will never get you far enough if you love downloading games. Many big games need a lot of space too.

Being said that, this is the huge opportunity to go huge on the storage space for the Switch. Amazon has been dropping its price on 400GB SanDisk to $56.99. Get yours, while you can!

Source: Comicbook, The Verge

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