All The Evidence Why Idris Elba Will NOT Be The Next James Bond

It was recently rumoured that Edris Elba might play the next James Bond but well, if you ask us, it doesn’t seem like that at the moment. Elba’s was seen as a potential replacement for Daniel Craig as the next James Bond due to his smooth voice and action movie credentials. All we’d heard so far was merely fan castings and rumours as Eon Productions had indicated no interest in him yet.

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However, all of this changed when The Equalizer director, Antoine Fuqua mentioned that James Bond Producer Barbara Broccoli has mentioned her interest in casting a person of colour in the role. He also added that Idris could be the perfect replacement.

But that doesn’t claim that Eon is interested in Elba and it was not Broccoli but Fuqua who suggested him for the role. Elba even jokingly posted on Twitter, “My name’s Elba. Idris Elba,” following it with “Don’t believe the HYPE.” It also seems like the entire Elba news was fabricated as a rep for Fuqua has revealed that “it was all made up stuff” and that Fuqua never had a conversation with Barbara.

Also, Elba has earlier stated himself that he is too old for the role. Speaking in an interview with ABC, he said,

“If I’m really honest, I think I’m too old for that, man. Running around in cars, and ladies, and martinis… who wants to do that? It sounds terrible.”

It makes sense, given that Elba is about to enter his fifties and is around the same age as Daniel Craig. As Craig is preparing to leave the franchise, the studio will looking for a younger actor under 40 who will be able to take the franchise ahead for 10-12 years. Craig has one last Bond film to go that is being directed by Danny Boyle and will release in 2019.

Well, there is an understandable enthusiasm among fans for Elba playing 007 but with no indication from Eon yet, the given evidence points out that he might NOT be the next James Bond.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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