Snyder Cut has long been a twinkle in fans’ eyes, or to be precise- ever since Justice League came out in 2017. By now everyone knows that the theatrical cut of the movie was way different than what initially was envisioned by Zack Snyder. The existence of the Snyder Cut has never been certain but filmmaker Kevin Smith recently claimed that “a” Snyder Cut does exist. But rather than reassuring fans of its existence, Smith’s statements actually go on to prove why it shouldn’t.

Zack Snyder’s Version Of Justice League Had Too Much Going On

There was too much going on in Snyder's version of Justice League. Pic courtesy:
There was too much going on in Snyder’s version of Justice League. Pic courtesy:

It was the negative reception to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that made Warner Bros. begin to change the course of the DC Extended Universe. When Snyder departed due to his family tragedy, the movie underwent a lot of changes under the influence of Joss Whedon. A major part of that change from the Studio was the fact that Snyder’s plans for a trilogy were cut. Right now we know that there were plans for an increased emphasis on Cyborg and his family, Wonder Woman would have killed Steppenwolf, Darkseid would have been in the movie and more. While these seem exciting to comic book fans, it honestly seems too much to push into one movie.

One can obviously argue that the Snyder Cut would mainly be bought by the Snyder Cut fanatics and they want to see it all. But that isn’t a good argument since no Studio will release any form of Cuts just for a little subsection of fans. Also Wonder Woman killing anything or anybody just doesn’t sit right with us especially after Patty Jenkin’s version of the hero.

Snyder Cut Would Be Filled With Green Screen And Wire Work

Snyder Cut is full of unfinished green screen and wire work. Pic courtesy:
Snyder Cut is full of unfinished green screen and wire work. Pic courtesy:

There is also the fact that most of the movie never made it past the early stages. Kevin Smith remarked that large amounts of Snyder Cut he’s heard of had unfinished special and visual effects, existing mostly through green screen footage. Even with disclaimers, the added scenes would be little more than just actors on wires moving in front of green screens. This would be problematic for characters or elements whose entire existence relied on CGI. Fans may think that they would be able to accept it but these skeletal scenes would take away the impact of any dramatic moment whatsoever.

Moreover, there’s a lot which exists only in concept art and important characters like Darkseid never seen to have made it past that stage.

Snyder Cut Would Cost A Lot To Complete

Snyder Cut would cost millions to complete. Pic courtesy:
Snyder Cut would cost millions to complete. Pic courtesy:

There is also the fact that Warner Bros wouldn’t even want to release the Snyder Cut. This is especially because Justice League lost them somewhere around $50 and $100 million. Along with this, the movie also wasn’t well received critically at all. All of this makes it unlikely that the Studio will invest any further money into it.

To know what Kevin Smith said about The Snyder Cut, click on the video below:

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