Alternate, More Badass Versions Of Hawkeye

Hawkeye has been regarded as the most entertaining Avengers over the years. Hawkeye seems ever-ready with the killer quip to sass Captain America. Undoubtedly he is one of the coolest characters and is considered broadly in the Marvel Universe. It is also indispensable to notice that Avengers are widely known for their bravery and they are also known for tenacity. Since they are always on the go to fight. The fight remains against evil. In comparison to avengers, we shall accept the fact that Hawkeye is a regular human with a team of superheroes.  He is armored well with the geniuses, and gods who regularly fight evil space gods. Majorly the indestructible robots whilst making the most use of a bow and arrow. 

Explore The Alternate, More Badass Versions Of The Famous Hawkeye Given Below:

The Ultimate Universe Version

The Ultimate Hawkeye
The Ultimate Hawkeye

As a great MCU version, this version owes a lot to the newly introduced Mark Millar and Bryn Hitch’s The Ultimates. The debut act was super crazy. The version of a black widow in issue 7, where the leaders of the black ops branch of the Ultimates were present. This was not really the father of the Hawkeye. It was just one portrayal of Hawkeye’s family as he had no qualms about killing. This concluded as a scenario of something that would play perfection to the movies.

Leader of The Thunderbolts Hawkeye:

Thunderbolts Leader
Thunderbolts Leader

Don’t miss the lead as fact that The Thunderbolts were not the first team that Hawkeye has ever led. Within the action, it was clearly visible how he came into the limelight with the usage of his extensive power and most importantly, being a leader of the team which showed it could be an understatement to call him the best. It was commendable to see the way he won and over ranked the opponents. Taking over the entire team after a massive fight with the post-Heroes Return Avengers where the ‘Bolts ousted leader Zemo’ and the way he taught the team of the reformation of the villains. Close-ended, this was all that the hero was about. 

Matt Fraction Run Hawkeye:

Matt Fraction's Hawkeye
Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye

Whoever has read it, totally agreed how Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye was the pinnacle of Hawkeye. It is beautifully captured. Everything is proven great about this character. He gained the ownership of an apartment building, to protect himself from the Russian Mafia. This was successful only because of a pinch of help that was sought by Kate Bishop and Lucky the Pizza Dog. It is commendable to state that Fraction’s Hawkeye is absolutely pitch-perfect. The ability to never-quitting or give up is what makes him stand apart. He is constantly on the go to overcome his fear. His tough nails and a lot of inadequacies within his joke. This makes Hawkeye an ultimate rockstar and probably a bad-ass version. 

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