Always Accused of Copying Other Celebs, Karma Bites Back at Kim Kardashian as Australian Influencer Tammy Hembrow Copies Kim’s Iconic Champagne Shoot – And Does it Better

The Kardashians have often done the unbelievable. The family has fashioned a name for itself by doing one thing – advertising themselves. It’s not a mean feat. It took Kris Jenner, the woman behind it all, considerable hard work to get where she is and a lot of creativity as well.

But the Kardashians have been found resorting more to copying than creativity. They, especially Kim Kardashian, have carved a reputation for copying other celebrities’ styles, looks, and poses. But karma has had its say, as Kim K finally finds herself on the other side.

Back to the past with Tammy Hembrow

Tammy Hembrow
Tammy Hembrow had a surprise in store for us all

Tammy Hembrow is an Australian fitness influencer. She is a fashion mogul just like Kim Kardashian. She has made a name for herself as an entrepreneur as well. But that is not where the list of their common pursuits ends. Just recently, Hembrow recreated one of the most iconic poses out there – the famous Kim Kardashian champagne shoot.

The well-recognized Kim Kardashian “breaks the internet” photo shoot was recreated by the 28-year-old. Almost, that is. In the photo, she can be seen resting on all fours, with knees and hands planted on the ground. Her feet were in the air. On the sole of her feet was a tray of oysters, which she was balancing.

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Guess who did better than Kim Kardashian?

Tammy Hembrow
Tammy Hembrow does it better

The photo shoot was to promote her app “Tammy Fit” on social media. In the Instagram post, she can be seen sharing a ‘new challenge’ with her followers. And she would be thinking to herself – what better way of hogging the limelight than recreating Kim K’s champagne pose. But that is not even the best part.

Kim Kardashian iconic champagne photoshoot
Kim Kardashian’s iconic champagne photoshoot

What delighted people the most is that the Australian YouTuber gave the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star a run for her money. She might have tried to recreate the pose. But a lot of fans believe that she has gone one step ahead of the SKIMS founder. For many, she has bettered the 2014 photo.

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Tammy Hembrow gets her wish

Tammy Hembrow
Tammy Hembrow gets the limelight

Fans took to the post to show their appreciation. They were all in unison on the fact that Tammy Hembrow had shown the SKKN owner, the way. Hembrow was lauded by some, while some were left bewildered. One fan commented:

“Photo shoot a bit over the top; buuuut you’re my fave fitness and mum influencer.”

Another found the photo shoot “weird”, but considered the photo a piece of “good advertising”.

In hindsight, this is exactly what the influencer must have been hoping. That people would talk about her, her photo, and most importantly, her brand.

But for all the Kim K comparisons, she couldn’t break the internet.

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Source: Marca

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