‘Always wanted to be an entertainer.’: Cardi B Donates $100K to Her Middle School, Disses Schoolmates ‘Less Talented’ Than Her

The American rapper and Gen-Z household name, Cardi B is known for her brilliant flow and lyricism. The songwriter, 29 had begun her career not long ago by debuting on a Television series called Love & Hip Hop: New York. This was only the beginning of the rapper’s now flourishing career. Famous for her one-liners, she stays in the limelight due to her musical talents. She recently made a little trip to New York, not for vacation, but to visit her old school.

Cardi B paid a visit to her school in New York and made a generous donation

The singer-rapper Cardi B
The singer-rapper Cardi B

The Up singer who was born and brought up in NY, just made a surprise visit to her neighborhood school. Cardi B visited I.S. 232 in Morris Heights neighborhood, NY where she completed her elementary education. A video shared by NBC New York revealed that the rapper made a benevolent donation amounting to $100,000 to the school. The donation, as specified by the artist is to be used as funding for the school’s art department.

Cardi B also delivered a speech to the students. She shared certain anecdotes about her life. Talking about her experiences at a young age, the Money singer added that she wasn’t the conventionally best student.

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The rapper mentioned that she always wanted to be an entertainer

Cardi B at her old school, I.S. 232
Cardi B at her old school, I.S. 232

The Grammy awardee went on to talk more to the students, who were still in disbelief over her presence. She said that when she enrolled at this school, she could not fully comprehend the importance of education. “When it was time to go to high school, I wanted to go to a certain school, because I always wanted to be an entertainer.” said the rapper in a video appearance of her posted on Twitter.

Cardi B opened up about how she faced rejection from the school she applied to. The singer went on to say that she was dejected as less talented people were accepted.

“And I didn’t get accepted to the school, and I was upset because some girls that I felt like were less talented than me got accepted to those schools, but the difference was that I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing.”, she added.

Cardi B said, “It’s never too late for you guys.”, hoping to pass on a few encouraging words to the young minds with whom she could relate once. 

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The school’s management exceptionally happy with Cardi B’s thoughtful gesture

Cardi B with rapper Offset
Cardi B with rapper Offset

The school is surely set to be benefitted from this hearty donation. The NYC schools Chancellor, David Banks as reported by WPIX-TV said, 

“We are thrilled to welcome Cardi B back home to IS 232 in the Bronx and we are so grateful to her generous contribution to her alma matter.” Banks also had to say, “Cardi B’s commitment of $100K for the arts will help the school’s kids soar to their highest heights. Thank you, Cardi!”.

The songwriter also visited two other schools in Queens and Brooklyn with the Community Capacity Development Programme.

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The Billboard Music Award winner takes off time from her busy schedule to spend quality moments with her kids and husband Offset. The family was also seen last week celebrating a special occasion. Cardi B also shared some adorable family clicks of his son, Wave Set’s birthday featuring the children.

The couple is co-parents to five children together, two that they share, and three are from Offset’s previous marriage. The Ric Flair Drip singer in an interview with People mentioned that being a father remains his priority. 

“For instance, there’s a big party on Saturday, right? In Los Angeles. And my son Kody’s first football game is on Sunday. There’s no way I’m missing either event, so I’m going to have to make it work.”

The rapper-duo maintains a close bond with their children and prioritizes it over anything else.

Source: People

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