‘Alyssa Griffin seemed a lot more carefree and happy’: The View’s Nightmare Finally Ends as Sunny Hostin’s Absence Leads To Happier Work Atmosphere – Co-Hosts No Longer Fighting Like Alley Cats

The View, starting in 1997, is currently hosting its 26th season under the ABC network and has become one of the favorite daytime chat shows. The current season is hosted by Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farrah Griffin, discussing celebrity hot topics, events, and political news. However, it has been evident to the audience of the show that the hosts, Hostin and Griffin, don’t seem to like each other. 

The View
The View is currently hosting their 26th season

Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farrah Griffin set a cutthroat atmosphere whenever on set. It has been evident to the public eye that Hostin and Griffin are natural rivals of each other. However, recently during the 19th January episode, Hostin’s absence on the show made Griffin noticeably more carefree and happy. 

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The drama between Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farrah Griffin

Sunny Hostin has been on the sets of The View since September 2016, when the show was airing its 20th season under the ABC network. Alyssa Farrah Griffin joined the show on August 2022, for the 26th season, after making several guest appearances on the show. Hostin and Griffin have had differences in opinion since the beginning. 

The eclectic show usually offers the hosts to present their views on different topics. However, it has been noticed that Griffin usually comes with a conservative viewpoint while Hostin comes with a more liberal mindset. The differences in perspective of the two hosts seem to be the reason for their on-screen rivalry. With the clashing personalities of the two hosts, it is not uncommon to witness conflicts between them onscreen.

Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin
Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin

Sources have revealed that Griffin mostly kept to herself during commercial breaks and often spoke on phone in between Hot Topics. Despite the on-screen drama between Hostin and Griffin, it was revealed by a source that “Sunny was the only one to initiate the conversation with Alyssa, though she mainly talked to her other co-stars”. Griffin was rarely pulled into conversation with other women on set.

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Alyssa Farrah Griffin seemed happy on set with Sunny Hostin’s absence 

Sources have mentioned on several occasions that Alyssa Farrah Griffin was the least appreciated co-host in the show. Despite her differences with Hostin, she was the only one who ever initiated a conversation with Griffin. Most of the time, Griffin was avoided by the hosts of the show. Sources have revealed,

Whenever Alyssa would speak on-air, Joy would make faces and did not hide her apparent disdain for Alyssa.”

However, in the recent episode on 19th January, Sunny Hostin was absent from the show with it being her day off, and it was evident that Griffin was quite carefree and happy on set. Audiences and eyewitnesses have revealed that Griffin looked relaxed in Hostin’s absence. 

Alyssa Farrah Griffin
Alyssa Farrah Griffin seemed relaxed and happy with Sunny Hostin’s absence

It was mentioned by a source,

The atmosphere on set was a lot less tense with Sunny gone. Alyssa seemed a lot more carefree and happy during commercial breaks.” They added, “She was mostly joking and talking to guest host Rachel Lindsay, but she did have moments where she was enjoying conversations with Sara [Haines] and Joy [Behar] too.”

Despite the drama between the co-hosts Hostin and Griffin, the show brings up sensitive topics to the desk, and disagreements in-between discussions. Their discussion on hot topics is something that has been attracting audiences for over two decades. 

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Source: The Sun

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