Many fans wonder why Marvel Haan the made too many ventures into anime series. However, not many fans have known that Marvel actually had an anime outing with Avengers: Disk Wars in Japan.

But fans discovered an impressive connection between the series and Dragon Ball Super animator, Naotoshi Shida who Animated many impressive scenes between both the series.

Twitter user AnimeAjay notes that many staff members went on to work on Dragon Ball Super, and had also worked on Disney Japan and Toei’s Avengers: Disk Wars.

This includes Naotoshi Shida and in the clip shared by @AnimeAjay, fans can see his influence on a fight between Avengers and Loki. The clip sees Iron Man landing a decisive blow on Loki after he managed to keep other Avengers at bay.

This fight looks similar to Dragon Ball super fans as Shida used similar techniques in the scenes in the animated series. Shida has earlier worked on famous scenes like Goku’s first battle and Golden Freeza. He also mastered Goku’s fight with Jiren towards the end of the series.

Shida is currently working on Dragon Ball super: Broly although his contributions are unclear. Given his talent and previous works, fans can safely rest knowing that his contribution will be a feast to one’s eyes.

Disk Wars was a joint production between Disney Japan and Toei Animation that run during 2014-15 for 50 episodes. As for Dragon Ball Super, it airs its English dub on Adult Swim on Saturday evenings at 9:30 PM.

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