There isn’t any doubt that all of us have grown up watching and admiring individual superheroes.

Whether these superheroes belonged from comic books or from cartoons, movies, or even if they were in action figures, these superheroes were always loved and cherished by our fans. 

So the ubiquity of both the Marvel as well as the DC universe has not only made superheroes famous among fans but have also made them a bit certain with the modern pop culture. Leading both the universes to encourage millions of fans worldwide. 

Well, if we are talking about these superheroes and heroines, let me first give you a brief character sketch of them. 

All right, you see, superhero/ heroine are characters that possess abilities that are way beyond normal humans.

Superheroes always use their powers to help the world become a better place, protecting it from evil, those who try to spread chaos in the world, in order to rule the world as if the world is their father’s properties… 

So our beloved superheroes not only protect the earth from these bad guys but also keep the people of the land safe. 

Talking about the character sketch of superheroes. There are way too many DC as well as Marvel comic out there that it would likely take a whole lifetime to catch up on their back issues from the start. 

Not to mention any other comic books that also publish superhero content. 

Like for instance, Amalgam Comics. 


It’s just the DC and Marvel Comics. 

That’s why we bet that there is no one out there who knows certainly every single thing there is to know about our beloved superheroes. 

Except for Stan Lee and Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson… We miss you both. 

These two legends gave us the superheroes we all love from Iron-Man to Batman, to The Fantastic Four and the Justice League, these two gave us all…

Therefore, coming back to the topic, if you, as a fan of either the two universes, want to grasp up-on some of the facts that are still unknown to you. 

We at Animated Times have 12 surprising superhero facts fans probably didn’t know about. 

Is this interesting… 

If not, then I don’t know what else is… 

Hence to find out, let’s hop into the list of these exciting facts!!

#12 Venom Fact:

Venom is Immunity against Spider-Man's Spider Sense and Ghost Rider's penance stare

#11 Green Lantern Hal Jordan Fact:

Hal Jordan Survived Nuclear Bomb

#10 Anti-Monitor Fact:

Anti-Monitor has the ability to enslave any living thing to his will.

#9 Some Dr. Strange Fact:

Dr Strange can freeze, slow down, and travel through time with extreme concentration.

#8 Robin Fact:

Tim Drake figured out Batman and Nightwings Identities when he was just a child.

#7 Dr. Doom Fact:

Dr Doom traded the life of his true love Valeria in exchange of magical powers.

#6 Daredevil Fact:

Daredevil once defeated 107 armed members of the Yakuza in under 3 minutes.

#5 Fact fact Cyborg Fact:

Cyborg is connected with every computer on Earth, which includes even the Batcomputer.

#4 Aye Aye! Captain America Fact:

Captain America once healed after taking a bullet on head.

#3 Long Live The King! Black Panther Fact:

Black Panther claws are made of Antarctic Vibranium that breaks almost every other metal.

#2 No one Can OutSmart Death! Some Flash Fact:

Its theorized that Black Flash exists because some speedsters are too fast for death to capture.

#1 Again A Daredevil Fact!

Daredevil used his superhuman sense of hearing to make a 3D picture of his surroundings.

Oh! God…
We literally were mesmerized with these incredible superhero facts that we don’t have words to express ourselves.

Well, these are some kick-ass facts that we bet only the hardcore fans know about.
While searching about this article, even we were staggered by these facts.

However, we have been dedicated fans of both the Marvel and the DC universe.
We literally were unaware of these facts.

But know that as these facts have been in our knowledge, we can definitely say that we have learned something about both these universes.

Because my friends, there is a lot more that Stan and Malcolm left behind for us to explore from these two universes, and thus we have to keep on searching for the facts!
So which among these facts was your favorite.

Let us known in the comment section down below.


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