Amazon launches Massive Sale on Marvel Comics

Now that you’ve seen Avengers: Endgame, you might be wondering what you will do with the rest of your life. Fortunately, there’s a massive sale on Avengers- centric digital Marvel comics happening on Amazon right now that includes nearly 800 titles.

Must haves Marvel Comics

Origins of Marvel Comics

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You can shop them all right here, but we’ve picked out a few must-haves to get you started:

• Infinity War: Collected Edition – $7.99
• Avengers vs Thanos – $9.99
• Hawkeye Vol. 1: My Life as a Weapon – $3.99
• Infinity Gauntlet – $3.99
• Infinity – $9.99
• Captain Marvel Vol. 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More – $3.99

Marvel Comics


Marvel Comics
Marvel Comicswa

There are a lot more Marvel titles where this came from, so head on over to Amazon to see what else is up for grabs. Keep in mind that many of the titles are also available to read for free with a Kindle Unlimited or Comixology membership. You can sign up for those memberships, then find out how many comics you can squeeze in before the 30 day trial ends.

Note: This is not a sponsored post, but if you purchase one of the awesome products featured above, we may earn a small commission from the retailer. Thank you for your support.

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