Amber Heard Plastic Surgery Analysis – Before and After Transformation

Plastic surgery is very common among many celebrities. People have speculated many celebs for going under the knife or getting botox. Amber Heard, after her infamous defamation trial with ex husband Johnny Depp, has been under the radar. She is under the limelight for a long time has made people speculate about a lot of parts of her life, including her face. Amber Heard has been said to have had plastic surgery. Heard has been seen looking different in old and new pictures. A famous TikTok-er Dr. Anthony talks about the procedures she has gone under. 

Amber Heard in 2020 and in 2015
Amber Heard in 2020v vs 2015

Can anyone confirm if Amber had plastic surgery?

Plastic Surgeon and popular TikTok content creator, who is known to reveal all the plastic surgeries that celebs go through in his opinion. Dr. Anthony Youn is a well-known name and has 7.7 million TikTok followers. Dr. Yuon has made a video about Amber and Johnny revealing if they’ve had work done before.

What possible procedures did Amber go through in her before and after picture?

Dr. Youn wanted to make these videos as Heard and Depp trial was a viral topic on TikTok and wanted to jump on this hot topic, as said to Insider. He mentions Heard while going through the following plastic surgeries in his fashion ”Amber Heard’s face, is it real or sus?”. He then goes on by comparing a photo of Amber from 2015 and 2020.


Dr Anthony mentions the bridge of Amber’s nose has appeared to be thinner than before. He states further in the same video that, “Her nose appears to have been thinned so I do believe she’s had a rhinoplasty,”

Amber heard in 2007 vs 2019
Amber looking different in 2007 than 2019 photograph   

Lip Fillers

Dr. Youn says “Her upper lip was thinner in 2005 than it is now.   ”The lip doesn’t grow like this so she’s probably had some lip filler injections,” while comparing side-by-side photos of Amber, he suggests she has had her lips enhanced by injecting hyaluronic acid in them.

Cheek implants

Amber’s cheeks seem more defined in the before and after picture. “Her cheeks also look different, they’re shaped a bit differently. Some doctors suspect that she may have had cheek implants and I do think that’s possible.” Dr. Youn adds.

Amber heard said to have cheek implants, image shows different angles of the face
Amber Heard’s said to have cheek implants.

Chin implants

Chin’s can appear different by dental work.Many celebs have changed their chins by dental work, for instance. This famous plastic surgeon still suspects her while saying, “Her chin also appears to have been reshaped, so she may have a chin implant too,”.

Amber heard said to have chin implants
Amber Heard is said to have chin implants by a famous plastic surgeon.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s trial has had fans speculate about their personal lives on all different levels. Fans on social media taking every update about the trial and turning into memes, debates and also a lot of toxicity sometimes. With new witnesses and evidences coming to light, no one knows how the events might turn.  We are eagerly waiting to see how this trial ends, and in who’s favor.


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