Amber Heard Signs Multi-Million Deal for Tell-All-Book On Depp

It has barely been a matter of a few weeks since the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp inafmous trial reached its final verdict.

While actor Johnny Depp was awarded $10.4 million to be paid by Aquaman star Amber Heard who was also awarded $2 million by Johnny Depp. Basically, the outcome revealed that they both were at fault.

Amber Heard Is Reportedly Writing A Book On The Whole Trial

Amber Heard
Amber Heard

However, call it unfortunate, the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp story is not over yet. In fact, one might get their hands on a hard copy of Heard’s book soon!

Here’s a tweet:

Some new reports reveal that Amber Heard might have penned down a multi-million dollar deal to write a “tell-all revenge book”.

A source that is supposedly close to Heard revealed to OK Magazine:

“Amber considers her career in Hollywood over. She’s already in talks and is excited about it. At this point, she has nothing to lose and wants to tell all,”

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in 2013

“To the extent that Heard wants to discuss this case and her relationship with Depp in a tell-all statement or book, she needs to be extremely careful as to what she says about him. Depp and his attorneys will be reading and listening to everything that Heard states. If she crosses the line, which is likely, there is no question that she will be hit with another defamation suit and end up right back in court.”

Most of the public opinion at the court has demonized Heard, however, the actor hasn’t faced any loss of work yet due to the defamation case that caught a million eyes.

On the contrary, Johnny Depp got replaced by Madd Mikkelsen in the most recent installment of the Fantastic Beasts films, Crimes of Grindelwald. Depp also got replaced in his iconic role for the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean film.

What Will Heard’s Book Entail?

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp at his trial

Reportedly, this book is going to explore her marriage to Johnny Depp, his alleged abuse, and the whole defamation trial.

Reportedly this book will explore her marriage to Depp, his alleged abuse and the defamation trial.

Heard Might Even Risk defaming Depp Yet Again In Her Book

If Heard details her allegations against ex-husband Depp yet again, she will risk herself more legal trouble in the future – something she wouldn’t want.

Since the end of the trial, Heard has come forward to criticize its outcome after Heard was found to have defamed Depp in a 2018 article by The Sun, in which she went on to claim that Depp was a ‘wife-beater’ and she was a domestic abuse survivor.

Now, a book by Amber Heard making the same claim might create a similar outcome.

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