Amber Heard Tries To Pick Fight With Johnny Depp Yet Again, Uses Alias of Native American Murderer ‘Calamity Jane’ To Take a Dig at Depp’s Native-American Ancestry

Amber Heard is reportedly under a crippling debt of $25 million. The Aquaman star owes $10 million in damages to her ex-husband Johnny Depp. She also owes $15 to her lawyers for their premium quality service. All this must be really hard on her financially. But to our shock, she is on a vacation.

Yes. Amber Heard, who is knee-deep in debt, is currently on a vacation to Spain. She was recently pictured in Mallorca along with her girlfriend, Bianca Butti, and daughter Oonagh Paige. And Heard traveling to Spain must have created a lot of buzz. But this vacation didn’t. That is because it wasn’t ‘Amber Heard’ who traveled.

Amber Heard travels to Spain under the alias Martha Jane Canary

Amber Heard
Amber Heard is on a vacation to Spain

Amber Heard sought to plan her trip to Spain without gaining a lot of attention. And what better way to do that than by traveling under an alias? She used an alias to keep her identity hidden and to ensure that people didn’t know she was in Spain before she landed there.

But it’s not only her decision to travel under an alias that has stoked controversy. It’s the alias she used that also needs to be considered. Heard traveled under the alias of Martha Jane Canary. AKA Calamity Jane. AKA Native Hunter.

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Who was Martha Jane Canary AKA Calamity Jane

Amber Heard
Why did Amber Heard choose the name Martha Jane Canary?

One wonders what got into Amber Heard that she decided to use an alias that has an open history of being violent. Calamity Jane is known for being particularly hard on Natives. She made a big name as a sharpshooter who killed them between the mid-1800s to early 1900s.

She was a supporter of European invaders and sought to see the Natives fighting the invasion of settlers from Europe be decimated. These Europeans were the ones who inhabited the eastern part of what used to be the Union. Their aim? To gain control of any land of their choice and establish Christianity. What made them entitled to do so? They possessed the so-called ‘Manifest Destiny’.

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Amber Heard chooses an alias to irk Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
Amber Heard used the alias Canary to make her intentions clear

The real reason behind Heard’s using the alias Martha Jane Canary is to attack the native roots of Johnny Depp. The Pirates of the Caribbean star has, on multiple occasions, shared that he came from a native background. He even played the part of one in The Lone Ranger. Depp had claimed that his great-great-grandmother was Cherokee or Creek Indian.

That would do a lot to explain the rationale behind Heard choosing the alias of Canary. The only thing is that this Canary couldn’t hold her own against a Native, losing out to Depp in the defamation trial.

Heard would now be looking forward to enjoying her vacation with her close ones. She still has a bucket load of problems to deal with, it’s a wonder for everyone how she seems to have no care in the world.

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