Amber Heard’s Closest Supporter Julia Fox in Hot Waters After Father and Brother Arrested for Possessing Bomb-Making Equipment

Julia Fox is quite vocal about the happenings in the world especially when she openly supported Amber Heard in her last year’s defamation trial. While she has always thought about taking the bigger picture in the mind, she is currently in hot waters as her father, Thomas Fox, and brother Christopher Fox were arrested after bomb-making materials were acquired from their homes.

Julia Fox
Italian-American actress, Julia Fox

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She is renowned in the Hollywood industry for her bold style and personality. Achieving such success and fame, her brother tries to keep himself off the limelight however, his recent act is now making headlines.

Julia Fox’s Brother and Father Are in Police Custody!

Julia Fox
Julia Fox’s brother and father are in custody after police find bomb-making equipment

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As per recent reports by Radar Online, the 33-year-old model, Julia Fox’s brother Christopher Fox and father Thomas Fox were arrested in their New York City apartment after a 6 AM raid by the police. The police have found 3D printers which are believed to have been used to make untraceable serial numbers guns.

Not just that, sources told that the police has also found “heroin, chloroform, unidentified pills, a pill press, fentanyl, propane, explosive materials, and formaldehyde” including vintage wine worth thousands of dollars.

NYPD spokesperson told Daily Mail,

 “The NYPD’s Ghost Gun Team seized several ghost gun parts as well as equipment for pressing narcotics pills.”

They added,

“Team members also discovered materials typically used as components in explosives, including pressure cookers and various chemicals, which can also be used for manufacturing narcotics.”

As both of them were never involved in any crimes, the spokesperson believes they might not be a danger to their surroundings.

Meanwhile, Fox’s brother is facing charges “including criminal possession of controlled substance, manufacture of a machine gun, manufacture of a rapid-fire modified device, manufacture of a dangerous instrument, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of a firearm and criminal possession of drug paraphilia.”

As for now, both the duo are being detained by the police while his father is yet to face charges. With her personal life in trouble, she is yet to address the situation.

Julia Fox Once Supported Amber Heard During The Infamous Defamation Trial

Julia Fox and Amber Heard
Julia Fox and Amber Heard

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The model once openly supported the infamous actress, Amber Heard during the defamation trial filed by her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. In November last year, she addressed the situation on Emily Ratajkowski’s High Low with EmRata podcast,

“I did have to say something because if it could happen to Amber Heard, who is a white, blonde, beautiful, successful actress, because people that say she had no career before [Depp] but she did, over 10 movies I think, so it can really happen to — none of us are safe.”

She always emphasizes getting the “bigger picture” adding that the trial would affect women from all around the world. The ex-couple were involved in a defamation lawsuit over an op-ed piece the Aquaman actress wrote in 2018 in which she claimed to be a domestic abuse victim. Depp won the trial and later on, Heard settled with him as her insurance company agreed to pay Depp $1 million.

Source: RadarOnline

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