Amid Meghan Markle Drama, Kate Middleton and Prince William Are Worried About Their Son Ahead of King Charles’ Coronation

The Royal Coronation ceremony is to be held on May 6th in Westminster Abbey. Amid the preparations for King Charles III to be the crowned sovereign, Buckingham palace is facing constant issues. Starting from inviting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, to discussions about funds in the Privy Purse, the Royals are under immense stress. Amid the entire drama, even Prince William and Kate Middleton are worried.

Kate Middleton and Prince William
Kate Middleton and Prince William

It has been reported that King Charles III wishes for his eldest grandson to participate and have a role in his coronation ceremony. Thus, the Prince and Princess of Wales are constantly worrying about what Prince George might end up doing during the actual ceremony. 

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Prince George To Play A Role In The Coronation Ceremony

King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla are to be crowned on May 6th, 2023. The would-be crowned sovereigns of the country are quite fond of their children and grandchildren. Thus, King Charles III reportedly demanded his eldest grandson play a role in his coronation ceremony. It is believed that the entire Royal clan is invited on the day to be present at Westminster Abbey. 

King Charles III
King Charles III wants Prince George to play a role

It has been reported that Queen Consort Camilla‘s five grandchildren are to participate in the coronation ceremony, and King Charles wholeheartedly wished for Prince George to play a role as well. Despite knowing the pressure it puts on the 9-year-old, for he would be under constant public scrutiny, his parents are still down for his role. Wishing for Prince George’s involvement and his role to be small, Prince William and Kate Middleton are proud to fulfill the King’s demand. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton are happy for their son to play a role since for the past two coronation ceremonies, young heirs did not take part and simply watched from the congregation. Breaking a tradition under the demand of King Charles is somewhat of a proud moment for the royal parents. While the Prince and Princess of Wales’ younger children are to be spectators, they are quite proud of their eldest son to have a role. 

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Prince William And Kate Middleton Are Stressed

It has been reported that Prince George shall get a low-key role in the coronation so that he can return to his school on Tuesday. As per Sunday Times royal editor Roya Nikkhah, the royal parents “are very keen, but if George does have an official role, it will be quite low-key.” she mentioned to The Royal Beat.

Although the Prince and Princess of Wales are excited and proud of their son to play a role in the coronation, they are also quite worried. Nikkhah shared,

They are very conscious that he will return to school on the Tuesday [after the coronation], and they do not want him to be overwhelmed by the attention. But he may play a smaller official role.”

Kate Middleton and Prince Williams with Children
The royal parents are worried about their son’s role

Even Royal expert and author Tom Quinn, mentioned, “I’ve heard that Kate and William are worried that it will be too much for him.” It is believed that children of such young ages are to be kept away from the public eye and must be abstained from attending any formal occasions. It not only puts them under immense pressure but also affects them in case of negative public opinion. 

Despite being aware of all the issues that might arise, Prince William and Kate Middleton are quite eager for their son to play a role in King Charles III’s coronation ceremony. Excited and worried as they are, the royal parents cannot keep themselves away from parental anxiety. 

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Source: Mirror, Express

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