An Array of Similarities: Dragon Ball and Steven Universe

Just a Coincidence ?

Dragon Ball shares a surprising amount of similarities with the Steven Universe show.

Dragon Ball and Steven Universe are two shows that are considered being similar in many aspects. For every fan of Dragon Ball, it’s difficult for each one of them when they take the assets or features of all of Goku’s friends and family, knowing that most of them were initially villains. Similarly, in Steven Universe also the fans are hoping for a new superpower from the Love perspective as the show is intensely invested in examining Love as a transformative power that can bring even harsh villains unitedly in the right situations.

Similarity in Plots

Both franchises open their plot with a young alien boy being raised on the Earth.

Dragon Ball and Steven Universe both are typically precise in several ways for their characters to use their skills and abilities over the progression of the story. The Gems in Steven Universe collect their power and skill into particular weapons. Beams and Energy blasts are the forms of the defense for Goku in the Dragon Ball franchise. But to create new super forms, both the shows are using the method of consolidating unions. And if we talk about unions, then there were two central figures of the association in the Dragon Ball universe -The Fusion Dance and the likes of The Potara Earrings. They were both for blending into a single individual, whereas in Steven Universe, the Gem race can combine with other humans probably in the form of dance. 

Clear Differences in Transformation

Both of the shows have a powerful feeling of morality and mercy.

The Dragon Ball’s newest addition of Goku’s popular Super Saiyan form, Steven Universe, is also going for just a similar skilled character or a type of a role. The transformation both of them possessed is also quite different from each other in deriving strong passion and a shift in the color of characters. Goku’s color is dependent on what level of energy he’s employing, whereas Steven’s is pink from his role as a son of Pink Diamond.

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