Helen Morgun is an illustrator who has over 87k followers on Instagram. This is due to her talent and creativity. She morphs celebrities into Disney characters, which feels too real.
She works hard to create the ideal Disney character and makes sure that it suits the celebrity. The whole process takes more than six to eight hours to complete.

Inspiration for illustration and art

When asked about her inspiration sources, she claimed that people, stories, music, movies, and other forms of art inspire her. She has been practicing painting since she was little. She knew from the very first day that she wanted to pursue something in art. That is why she studied art. It did pay off in the end.
Her first try at artist illustration was Rachael McAdams as Cinderella, which turned out to be a hit among her followers. This prompted her to try more similar artworks.

Here is a list of her top 10 artworks, which is sure to leave you speechless.


Illustration to show celebrities as Disney characters
Emma Stone illustrated as Merida



Illustration to show artwork
Billie Eilish as Kida Nedakh



Illustration to show celebrities as Disney characters
If Lily Colins was Snow White



Illustration to show celebrities as Disney characters
Selena Gomez looks mesmerizing as Moana



Illustration to show celebrities as Disney characters
Our favorite Emilia Clarke as Belle

Emilia Clarke  totally suits to play Belle in Beauty and Beast.

Helen Morgun, let’s her followers give ideas by creating Instagram polls. In fact, she even makes art on commissions, so if you are wondering how you or your loved ones would look like a Disney Character, go ahead and try it out. You will not be disappointed.


Illustration to show celebrities as Disney characters
Helen Morgun’s first illustration of Rachel McAdam as Cinderella


She lets her fans choose between two probable characters that she narrows down to. However, the only time she does not require her fans’ assistance is when she is one hundred percent sure about her idea.
After choosing the final character, the main work of illustration comes into play. Hellen told how she paints the portrait and adds the clothes, jewelry, makeup, etcetera, which goes with the person. Sometimes she even paints tattoos that connect the celebrity and the character.


The beautiful Naomi Scott as Jasmine



Illustration to show celebrities as Disney characters
If Sophie Turner was Ariel, the mermaid



This portrait of Leigh- Anne Pinnock as Pocahontas is too real



Megan Fox as Disney character Megara

It is evident that a lot of hard work, dedication, patience, and creativity goes into each creation. Besides the ones listed above, she created more portraits like Rihanna as Tiana, Margot Robbie as Elsa, Blake Lively as Aurora etcetera.

These are some of her best works. What are your thoughts on this? Comment down below.

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