“An Exorbitant Need for Male Attention”: Joe Rogan Said Kim Kardashian ‘Filmed F**king a Black Guy With a Giant D*ck’ as She Has Intense Daddy Issues

Joe Rogan is back with yet another brand new one-hour stand-up special Rocky Mountain High. Filmed at the renowned Denver Comedy Works, the show starts off with the real meaning of infinity followed by different other topics and ends with an alien invasion where the human population might need to explain why Kim Kardashian is the most popular woman on earth. Despite his savage remarks on the Kardashians, the comedy seemed light-hearted and was enjoyed by the audience to a great extent. 

Joe rogan
Joe Rogan is back with a new comedy special Rocky Mountain High

The Kardashians have often been a topic of conversation, where people dissed them for their signature look and lack of real talent. This time, Joe Rogan takes the high road to discuss why people are obsessed with Kim Kardashian and how she became famous starting with her daddy issues. 

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Joe Rogan’s Comedy Central stand-up special targets Kim Kardashian

Joe Rogan being quite sleek with his sarcastic humor, yet again keeps up with his audience’s expectations. With his new stand-up special Rocky Mountain High Rogan covers topics of his experience while he was out hunting for Bigfoot, and ends with the impossible topic of mankind explaining to the aliens why Kim Kardashian is so famous. 

Kim Kardashian, the eldest daughter of Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian, is often targeted by netizens for creating unrealistic beauty standards. The 42-year-old influencer and mother of four is targeted for her cosmetic treatments and her God-level speech regarding work, independence, and hardship, despite having no real talents. 

Joe rogan
Joe Rogan’s stand-up special targets Kim Kardashian

Comedian Rogan, speaks on several topics in his brand-new special, however, what stays with the audience is his savage remarks on Kim Kardashian. Rogan starts off by calling out the fashion icon on her daddy issues and therefore setting out to make an explicit video with her then-boyfriend, singer-actor Ray J in 2007. Rogan’s new special seems brutal on the Kardashian family for he throws the entire family under the bus with his sarcastic remarks. 

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Joe Rogan makes a bold move targeting Kim Kardashian’s explicit videotape

Joe Rogan makes bold claims on how Kim Kardashian’s daddy issues led her to make a pornographic film with her boyfriend of color and then seem surprised when it got leaked. Rogan makes a joke about how “when a young girl grows up without a father, a lot of times they develop an exorbitant need for male attention”. Followed by how the void in Kim Kardashian’s life led her to make an explicit video. Rogan added, “in Kim’s case she f**ked this black guy with a giant d*ck and she filmed it, and then it got on the internet and she was like how do I get up there?

Joe Rogan calls out Kim Kardashian’s daddy issues

The comedy went on further when Rogan made sarcastic remarks on how the explicit video led Kim Kardashian to become so popular and make fifty times more money than the president of the United States. Joe Rogan doesn’t leave out a point and keeps on dissing the influencer on how she makes more money without any real talent.

Rogan states how Harvard business school graduates wouldn’t think of an explicit video as a business plan but Kardashian was right about it. “A woman with a fake a** makes 50 times more than the commander in chief of the greatest army the world has ever known” the comedian ends his point about the Kardashian with this bold statement. 

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Source: Comedy Central

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