An Insight to Marvel’s Upcoming ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’

With how Marvel’s The Avengers: Endgame ended, it is natural for fans to be curious about what happens in the story next. The movie closes with Steve Rogers appearing after returning all 6 infinity stones to their respective places. He is old and fulfilled, as he has lived the life he always wanted. While the retired Captain America sits old and weak, he shares a few words with Sam and then hands him the very thing that marked his identity. He passes on his shield. 


What the shield means 

What the shield means 
Steve Rogers will no longer hold the title of Captain America

For someone as noble as Steve Rogers, it was obviously a very significant step to pass on something that was so dear to him. It portrayed that after years of being together, Steve decided that Sam Wilson- formerly known as the Falcon- was worthy of having the shield. Putting two and two together, it is naturally expected that the upcoming Disney+’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will revolve around the idea of the shield itself. But is that all?


The next Captain America?

In the latest episode of Fatman Beyond, host Marc Bernadin stated that the main crux of the story will be about how the nation is not ready for Sam to take over Steve’s title. He explains how citizens of the United States, as well as the government, do not want Sam to become the new Captain America. 

Despite the fact that Bernadin relied on a completely anonymous source for this information, his confidence in the statement shows the source’s credibility. Besides, there is further reason to believe that his confirmation is actually true. 


The comical world 

The comical world 
Marvel Studios’ Disney+ Series ‘Falcon & Winter Soldier’

The movies in the MCU largely revolve around the comics that were originally written for the story. According to the comics, Sam- like Captain America- splits with S.H.I.E.L.D after the hacker known as Whisperer reveals secrets associated with the organization. He decides to operate independently, as he believes that the modern world needs a Captain America free of the government’s control. This is certainly a reason why the government would despise Sam as Captain America. 

However, none of this evidence tells us what will actually happen in the Disney+ series. All we have are a number of theories. 

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