An Unexpected Appearance in the Captain America Series 

In all the Marvel movies associated with Captain America that we have seen so far, his love interest has remained constant since World War II. America’s all-time favourite hero has always had his eyes on the agent Peggy Carter. 

A background on Peggy 

A background on Peggy
Peggy Carter during the time of World War II

Peggy Carter, an agent in the Strategic Scientific Reserve and also one of the founders of S.H.I.E.L.D- has been Steve Rogers’ love interest since day one. In the Captain America movies, we see how Steve remains obliged to his one and only girl, especially when he returns young from the ice after a long 7- years while she is old and weak. The Captain America comics portray a story beyond this, but with certain mind-blowing twists and turns. 

The Captain America Comics

The Captain America Comics
Old Peggy Carter, when she meets Steve after his return from the ice

After real events dating back to 1765, a group of British females from the time inspired writer Ta-Nehisi and artist Adam Kubert to introduce female figures in own their series. With the release of Captain America #7, a team of female superheroes entered the story, including Invisible Woman, Spider-Woman, and even Mockingbird and Echo.

For the past several issues of Captain America, the story focuses on this group of females- called Daughters of Liberty- who work towards fighting the Power Elite whilst breaking Steve Rogers out of prison. The Daughters of Liberty are led by a mysterious character named Dryad. 

Where this gets tricky is with the release of Captain America #12. The new issue reveals the identity of Dryad, being none other than Peggy Carter.

Yes, you read that right. Peggy, Steve’s very own love interest, all young and hep. Her sudden appearance has raised too many questions in the readers’ minds, making this comic more famous and mysterious by the minute.  

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