‘And I Want To Win the Powerball Jackpot’: Kim Kardashian Wants Cops To Free Disgraced Rapper Gunna, Internet Claps Back With Godlike Sarcasm

American Celebrity Kim Kardashian has shown her support for rapper Gunna who is currently imprisoned after being arrested two months ago. Gunna is an American singer-rapper who is a part of Young Thug’s YSL Records whose second album 2020’s Wunna debuted on the Billboard 200. The singer was arrested two months ago on charges of participating in street gang activity and conspiring to violate the state’s RICO Act.

Kim Kardashian and Gunna
Kim Kardashian (right) and Gunna (left)

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While the TV reality star is known to make headlines by being a top-shot personality from the renowned Kardashian-Jenner family. She has involved herself with rapper Gunna after her sharing a post which is now appeared in the eyes of the Internet.

Kim Kardashian Supporting Rapper Gunna, Wanting To Free Him From Jail

Kim Kardashian and Gunna
Kim Kardashian wants to free Gunna from Jail

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The 41-year-old star is studying to become a lawyer which could also be one of the reasons why she is so interested in his legal case. She has supported many to be free from jail, she again added her voice and support to this celebrity. On Wednesday, she took to Twitter and shared #FreeGunna referring to the singer, to her 73.1 million followers.

Check out the Twitter post below.

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She also shared the same hashtag on her Instagram story asking to free the singer who has been under a lot of heat by police. He was accused of drug possession with intent to distribute and receive stolen property, armed robbery, aggravated assault, and weapons charges. While the singer has claimed his innocence in an open letter sharing that he was falsely accused. “I have all faith that God will grant me justice for the purity in my heart and the innocence of my actions.”

Kim Kardashian’s Post Getting Sarcasm From The Internet

Kim Kardashian
TV Reality Star Kim Kardashian

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Though the model wants the singer to be released from jail, the Internet is sharing their opinion on the celebrity’s post through sarcasm.

Check out the tweets below.

For the unversed, the rapper was recently denied bond twice in his RICO case and will be held captive in a Georgia jail until at least January next year, as his case is scheduled to go to trial on January 9, 2023.

Source: Twitter

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