‘And the Oscar goes to… Austin Butler’: Fans Choose ‘Elvis’ Star Over Brendan Fraser for Best Actor Win

The Oscars are soon going to honor the actors, movies, and directors who have given their best works which earned them a ticket to bag the golden trophy. While the nominations have already been announced for various categories, there is a cut-throat competition going on between Austin Butler and Brendan Fraser over the Best Actor gong.

Austin Butler and Brendan Fraser
Austin Butler and Brendan Fraser

While both actors are much appraised for their roles in their recent projects, the high-end competition for the golden statuettes continues especially on social media platforms. Amid the race, fans have already favored their favorite star who could end up taking the trophy to his home tonight.

Why Brendan Fraser is a Candidate for The Best Actor Category in The Oscars 2023?

Brendan Fraser and Austin Butler
Brendan Fraser and Austin Butler

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Both the actors, Brendan Fraser and Austin Butler have done a terrific job in portraying their characters in their respective films, The Whale and Elvis. The former is a renowned artist who was one of the most demanded actors in the 90s and 00s. Despite the immense glamour and fame, he had to deal with some unfortunate events which eventually pushed him towards depression.

His physical and mental well-being continued to deteriorate however he eventually overcame all the obstacles and returned to the industry gaining much appreciation for his role in the film, The Whale.

The 54-year-old veteran actor went through an extremely difficult transformation in which he had to wear 300 pounds of prosthetics to play an obese man for his character. No matter how much uncomfortable he felt while being in such heavy prosthetics, he eventually pulled off his character marvelously which earned him an Oscar nomination. The film has already bagged a Critics Choice and SAG Award earlier this year which is why he is quite a great competitor for the latter.

Fans are Rooting for Austin Butler for The Best Actor Win at Oscars 2023

Austin Butler
Austin Butler onstage after winning the Best Actor at Golden Globe Awards 2023

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The 31-year-old actor garnered major limelight for his performance as Elvis Presley in the 2022 film, Elvis which earned him a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actor. Several factors helped him achieve the perfect copy of the King. His remarkable voice was one of the most appreciated qualities noticed in his performance.

Even his acting was so distinctive that Priscilla Presley, who is the wife of the late singer praised him for his commendable performance and shared that she often thought at times that she was seeing her husband on the screen.

This could not have been possible without his determination to perfectly excel the role. His performance is even being deemed as one of the greatest performances of all time by fans who want him to win the Oscars. While many appreciated Fraser’s performance, they still think that Butler has done a remarkable job in portraying a legend. They even took to Twitter and shared their opinions on the same.

Check out the tweets here.

While fans can’t help but choose the actor for his outstanding performance in Elvis, he has already won a Golden Globe Award, and a BAFTA award for the same. While the fans await the real results, it seems that Butler has already won the golden hearts of his fans.

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