Andrew Tate Lands in More Trouble as Old Video of Beating Ex-Girlfriend Resurfaces After Kickboxer Gets Imprisoned For Human Trafficking

The controversial digital media influencer Andrew Tate has been imprisoned in Romania as a result of a s*xual assault and human trafficking investigation. The former kickboxer was taken into custody along with his brother and two other Romanian citizens. Now, he is currently in double trouble due to an old video of him beating an ex-girlfriend going viral online. Since there was already a recent controversy surrounding a former pro-kickboxer getting banned from social media, and now his old video of him assaulting a woman has gone viral. Tate can be seen allegedly hitting a woman in the video who might be his girlfriend.

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate

Though the video’s source is unknown, it first appeared during Tate’s time on Britain’s Big Brother (UK) in 2016. As a result, he was kicked off the show a week after it went viral on social media.

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All about the viral video of Andrew Tate’s violence against the woman

According to reports, controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate was imprisoned in Romania as part of a r*pe and human trafficking investigation. Following his arrest last week, an old video of a controversial online personality and former professional kickboxer has resurfaced online. Tate is seen striking a woman with a belt in the incredibly unsettling video. The unnamed woman appears to have been the target of violence because she had text conversations with other men.

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate

The video also showed Tate directing the woman to deal with the abuse’s root cause. He yelled, “I said, ‘Tell the camera that I beat you because you don’t do as I say.” Later, as the woman appears to mess up the line he requested, Tate brutally slaps her. The controversial social media star further said, “Did I say the word [unintelligible]?” Tate then took off his belt and continued slapping the woman despite her protests. It is currently unknown whether the assault resulted in any legal repercussions against him who is being called the ‘King of Toxic Masculinity’ in public. While denying the allegations at the time, Andrew Tate made a few statements that appeared to contradict him.

He did, however, also claim that the video was made with consent, saying, “This tape is a kinky s*x video and we’re acting out a role play. A longer version of the video shows us laughing and I’m hitting myself saying, ‘It doesn’t hurt’. I’m still friends with her and she’s in the UK with me now. I would never hit a woman.”

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Netizens supported Andrew Tate’s social media ban after his video resurfaced

Many social media users praised his recent social media ban from Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube after the assault video resurfaced. Additionally, some tweets criticized his online defenders. Since Andrew Tate repeatedly said in public that women are the property of men and are subordinate to them, many have speculated that the video may have been a role-play. 

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate

He is currently under investigation for allegedly s*xual assault and human trafficking in Romania. Thus, these odd behaviors do not present a favorable image of his personality, which is probably why a large number of people support his social media ban.

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Source: YouTube

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