Angelina Jolie First Look in costume for Eternals disclosed

UpMarvels Phase 4 Eternals are catching all the eyes from the SanDiego Comic-Con update. The Eternals introduces a brand new superhero team. Chloe Zhao as director, the movie stars celebrities like Anjelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Kit Harrington, etc., With this star-studded cast, the expectations are hitting the sky. The Endgame and Spidey movies already released. It is evident that, with the movie Eternals, MCU enters Phase 4.

Marvel Studios first look spoiler

Thena in Marvel comics.Pic courtesy: Twitter
Thena in Marvel comics.Pic courtesy: Twitter

We all know that the MCU franchise goes to great lengths to prevent the spoilers from spilling. An aggravation happens for the first time on the set of a Marvel movie. In this instance, Marvel couldn’t stop photographers with a zoom lens from clicking. Recently Angelina Jolie and other Eternals costars Brian Gemma and Tyree were photographed in costume.

Angelina Jolie and Others in Eternals set

Thena in Marvel comics.Pic courtesy: Twitter
Angelina Jolie on the sets of The Eternals.Pic courtesy: Dailymail

In comics, the Celestials gift Eternals with The Eternals, from then does heroic acts. Angelina Jolie portrays Thena, the Eternals powerful leader.

The Daily Mail disclosed the First look of Jolie as Thena, days after the bomb forced Eternals to set evacuation. The 44-year-old star was in a scintillating white and gold skin-tight costume. Fans can well match this with the Thena’s comic appearance. These photos also reveal the set location at a beach. Donning a platinum wig, metallic boots, and overall costume, Angelina Jolie looks stunning. Chan was in a comic book matching green outfit appearance. Chan in Eternals plays Eternal Sersi. Another actor Tyree Henry’s look also leaked. The actor was in an expected purple costume.

The Eternals cast at San Diego.Pic courtesy: Looper
The Eternals cast at San Diego.Pic courtesy: Looper

These first looks were disclosed as a result of the forceful packing up of the movie set due to the nazi-bomb. Though photos reveal the set location as Spain, no major insights into the movie can be drawn.

Sources: Dailymail, Screenrant

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