Anne Hathaway is known for her cuteness. And not to forget her amazing acting skills. She was everyone’s crush after Princess Diaries. She was just the perfect princess. And when years later, she took the mantle of Catwoman, we all were a bit confused. We have all seen her cute and funny side, but this little bitchy side? We were all wondering whether she could do it or not. And she just nailed it.

A year later, she even got the Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. So here at Animated Times, we present to you an appreciation post for this cutie pie.

1. She is so cute.

2 I just wanna continue looking at her.

3 She is not sexy or hot. But she is one of most pretty girls there is.

4 So endearing!

5 She is such a delight.

6 And so pleasing to the eyes.

7 Such an adorable girl.

8 I should say an adorable lady.

9 So elegant.

10 Well, she is classy.

11 She defines PERFECTION.

12 Have you ever seen anyone so beautiful.

13 So engaging.

14 Such a classy lady she is.

15 Winsome.

16 Such a gorgeous lady she is.

17 And she is mesmerising too.

18 Could I just stop this time and stare at her for eternity?

19 Talented.

20 Cutie Pie.

21 My Lady!

22 The princess, the queen.

23 Winning our hearts for years.

24 The lovable Hathaway

25 The Enchantress.

26 A princess.


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