Another Mystery Behind WandaVision Has Been Solved By Marvel

The three episodes of WandaVision have been nothing but a “Magnet of Crysteries!” This Cabinet of Mysteries will be unlocked as the series progresses. So far, we’ve had a few hints for what’s going on and who the real villain is. But there’s a lot that we don’t know about the narrative. For instance, we have no clear idea about how exactly Vision was revived after Avengers: Infinity War. We don’t know how Wanda suddenly unlocked her reality-warping ability after Avengers: Endgame. There are just too many unanswered questions. But hey, at least one of the mysteries has been solved by Marvel and Disney.


We got two episodes last week, and Marvel didn’t even reveal their titles. What is it with Marvel and their titles? They keep holding them back until the very last moment. People had guessed Endgame to be the title of Avengers 4 right after Avengers: Infinity War came out. But Marvel took 7 months to officially confirm it. They’re currently playing coy with the title of Homecoming 3. But we’re happy that the official Disney+ page of WandaVision has finally been updated with the titles of Episode 1 and 2.

Episode 1 is called, “Filmed Before A Live Studio Audience”

And, episode 2 is titled, “Don’t Touch That Dial.”

Now “Filmed Before A Live Studio Audience” is very on the nose as episode 1 was literally filmed before a live studio audience. The reason for the live audience is that shows in the 1950s were filmed in this way. This trend continues to date. But we get why WandaVision followed suit. After all, it was inspired by The Dick Van Dyk Show. Even Wanda & Vision’s house in Westview seems similar to the set of The Dick Van Dyk Show. Anyway, Marvel made everyone in the audience sign a bunch of NDAs to prevent spoilers from getting out.

About Episode 2, “Don’t Touch That Dial” is another reference to the era that the episode depicted. This phrase was quite common during the 50s and 60s. It was used to have people tuned in while the commercials aired. Now, the title of episode 3 is going to be really interesting. We should find out about it before episode 4 arrives on Disney+ next Friday.

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