‘Another one bites the dust’: Victoria Beckham Gets Canceled Moments After Joining TikTok, Spice Girl Being Called Tone Deaf For Eating Habits

Spice Girls member Victoria Beckham joined TikTok and was canceled soon after. She posted the first video that was Behind-The-Scenes of her photoshoot for Vogue Magazine, the Australian edition. The debut for the 48-year-old star did not go as expected as the first video was deemed “out of touch” by the public.

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Victoria Beckham made her debut on TikTok and it did not go as expected

Victoria Beckham announced the news on her Twitter feed. She later took on the viral trend challenge of “Tell me you’re…” and created a video where she said, “Tell me you’re posh, without telling me you’re posh. I’ll go first.” Through this video, the star referred to her times as “Posh Spice”. She tried the self-depreciation humor technique the second post already has more than 5.3 million views already. 

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Netizens’ reaction to the video of Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham

The fashion designer was seen sitting at the table with a meal in front of her and a waiter enters the scene and removes the plate under which lays her staple dinner dish. It was a reference to a commitment that she made a long time ago regarding her diet. The video soon got divided opinions, some thought it was a joke and some called it out of touch.

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A user said, “Victoria people can’t feed their kids,” another user added, “Just what you want to see as I walk to work due to petrol prices,” referring to the high petrol prices. 

Some Victoria Beckham fans were not offended and jumped to defend the pop star turned fashion designer. A user took part in the challenge and said, “I use a cloth to blow my nose instead of tissue lol”.

Why were people offended?

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham

Netizens flooded the Spice Girls member’s comment section with disapproval due to the state of the economy in the U.K. Bloomberg. It is predicted that there is a “50-50” chance of a recession in the upcoming year. They also called it insensitive to the actual times, which represent a financial crisis for a huge fragment of the population.

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