Ant Man’s tactic in the Endgame War

With the release of the home video of the latest Avengers: Endgame fans rewind and rewind the scenes to finely comb the scenes to spot some new insights every now and then. This time fans have spotted from the great final battle sequence in Avengers: Endgame which was a feast for Marvel fans’ collective eyes. This scene brought together the biggest collection of Marvel heroes ever seen together onscreen in live-action. It’s no surprise that fans are entirely focused on the infamous war scene who are only now beginning to see just how truly brutal that battle got.

For example from this brutal moment from Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man you can see, when Scott Lang powered-up to Giant-Man status to save his teammates and fight the bad guys, he didn’t have time to check every step that he took on the battlefield. That resulted in some of Thanos’ outriders getting an unfortunate taste of Giant-Man’s foot, which crushed them down and sent their bodies flying.

On the one hand, this is pretty gruesome depiction of Ant-Man’s powers in action (though granted, not as gruesome as the proposed “Thanos butt attack” fans wanted to see). On the other hand, though, this wasn’t just a superhero battle, it was a full-out war for the fate of all living things in the universe. All of the MCU heroes had to fight nastier and to-the-death – and you can bet that the ones who had been dusted before had a lot of personal grievances to work out on the battlefield.

The “Instant Kill Mode”


It rings well with the Ant-Man

Even though the change in battle tactics makes sense, objectively, it hasn’t stopped Marvel fans from taking issue with the sequence. There was a small amount of outcry over the fact that Spider-Man activated his suit’s “Instant Kill Mode” to take on the Outriders, with Spider-Man comic book writer Dan Slott even expressing his displeasure.


But again, these Marvel heroes were thrown into a surprise war for the Infinity Stones, against a Thanos who wanted to kill everything in the universe. They did what they had to do, at no small cost (RIP Iron Man). We’re good with it.

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