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Anthony Mackie called “Son of a B****” by Elizabeth Olsen


Avengers stars Elizabeth Olsen and Anthony Mackie gave us an entertaining weekend with making news all over the Internet. The two Avengers stars gave each other a smack talk in front of the entire Internet. This weekend’s AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football League was a matchup between Elizabeth Olsen and Anthony Mackie. Which meant we would get to see trash talks getting exchanged between two of the most popular superstars.

Scarlet Witch calls out Falcon

Scarlet Witch calls out Falcon
Scarlet Witch calls out Falcon


Olsen was upset that Giants RB Saquon Barkley was injured. But out of the blue, Scarlet Witch just called Mackie a “Son of a b****.” In return, Mackie gave a response by dropping a reference to her embarrassing nickname Huggy Bear. After this, he compared Olsen’s line up to that of toilet contents. Neither of the two has any experience when it comes to trash-talking. Mackie has one win this year with a score of 1-3. But Olsen is a sore loser with a score of 0-4.


Fantasy Football League

Fantasy Football League
AGBO’s Fantasy Football League directed by Russo Brothers

AGBO Fantasy Football league is directed by Russo brothers and ESPN fantasy analyst Matthew Berry. Fans have already seen Ryan Reynolds, Karen Gillan, and several others give us a hilarious trash talk session this season. Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland’s matchup this weekend should amuse the audience as the two already have established chemistry between them.
Their matchup could be crucial as both Iron Man and Spider-Man sit at 1-3 at this point in the season. No one should count either of those heroes out as there is plenty of time to cover the ground with the middle of the field stacked with so many people. Even so, the race to the playoffs is going to be tight. There is no guarantee that all of the Avengers are going to make it that far.

Will Scarlet Witch bend reality at her will to reduce Anthony Mackie’s chances of winning? Or will The Falcon rise like the raging phoenix and win just like he did during the turning point in Avengers: Endgame? It will all be revealed soon on Monday Night. But the fans have been thoroughly entertained by the trash talks put forth by the celebrities.

Source: Comicbook