Anthony Mackie Confirms He Won’t Be Titled Captain America

The D23 event on Thursday saw huge revelations, information and announcements by Marvel Studios and the personalities related to the studio. The Disney+ panel had a lot of discussion, some of the main topics revolved around The Falcon and Winter Soldier series that will see an eventual release on Disney+. Anthony Mackie recently added gasoline to the fire with comments about what will be the title of his character in the series. Variety approached both Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan to the reasoning as to why the show is named The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.


Anthony Mackie on Falcon and Captain America’s Shield 

Anthony Mackie on Falcon and Captain America's Shield 
Anthony Mackie has played Sam Wilson from his first appearance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Anthony Mackie answered just like Sam Wilson, the character he plays, would, by trying to dissolve any assumptions that he would don the Captain America outfit the next time he’s seen on the screen. One Marvel follower even went to the extent of yelling out his character’s name while they were on stage during the series presentation. Mackie responded in kind, and didn’t linger much on the topic before moving onto the next. It undoubtedly seems like The Falcon is here to remain even with Captain America’s shiny shield.


Mackie Will Reprise Mantle Of Falcon

He was recorded saying, “I am The Falcon, I will always be The Falcon. The moniker will stay the same.”


It sounds like a direct implication that he won’t be the “new,” or the next Captain America. 


Possible Directions With Anthony Mackie’s Character

Possible Directions With Anthony Mackie's Character
The Falcon and Winter Soldier series is set for a 2020 release on Disney+

However, it could signify an addition to his character as The Falcon, instead of blatantly replacing Steve Rogers/Captain America and what the title signifies. Mackie’s words might raise some concern about the future of his role in the MCU. However, this gives fans a reason to be in judgment of both the MCU actors and how they tend to revert questions about Falcon and the shield to other areas of interest. 

Source: Comicbook, Screenrant

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