An Avenger allied with Rogers; a former pararescueman trained by the military in aerial combat using a specially designed wing pack. Wilson is aided by a robotic drone named Redwing Discussing the relationship between Wilson and Rogers, Mackie said, “With Falcon and Cap, what’s so great is there’s mutual respect. There’s soldier respect. What’s great about … [Captain America: Civil War] is you get to see their relationship grow,” adding, “He respects and admires Cap because Cap earned his rank as opposed to sitting in an office and just delegating orders.”Joe Russo stated that the inclusion of Barnes to Rogers’ side forces Wilson to question the dynamic and relationship he has with Rogers going forward.

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The jiff, when Anthony Mackie’s son realized that he was the New Captain America, was relatively unrestrained. Mackie shared his experience about that evening with Vanity Fair, the monthly magazine of the United States, which hives pop culture, fashion, and current affairs. He initiated the incident by affixing it amid his career journey, which stated that all the films he does and the actors are a secret in themselves. “That along with shooting false endings and sequences lends the proceedings an air of surprise because not even the stars know what is coming next,” he stated.

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Well, it should be no thrill that the movie bushwhacked a kid, no matter, his son maybe. This incident is something that Mackie will remember his lifelong. He also shared the whole conversation with his son that happened after he watched the movie for the first time, “The film ends, and my son goes, ‘Dad,’ I go ‘What’s up?’ He goes, “Are you, are you, the new Captain America?‘ I said I think so! He goes, ‘Cool.’ Like that’s it? That’s all, huh? That’s all I get? Like you should be… okay, cool, cool you don’t cry, I don’t cry. ” A week later, his son called him bawling, and he questioned Mackie if he was Captain America.

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His son said it was cool, so it’s cool.” The Falcon actor credits the Russos for getting things to the point they are with Marvel.“The Russos are quite brilliant in the way that they handle the Marvel franchise and specifically the Captain America storyline,” Mackie explained.

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