Anticipated Movies Canceled In The Middle Of Production

Audiences have always got their heartbroken whenever their favorite movie got canceled. Spiderman movies are a clear example and let’s not debate Andrew Garfield’s TASM3!! Various reasons occur for the movie’s cancelation in the middle of production. Some of the causes are creative disagreements between studio executives and the filmmakers, or financial concerns.  

The movie industry around the globe suffered a huge loss during the corona pandemic. Various movies had to shift their dates or cancel them. Fans were disheartened as they could not watch movies in theatres for a long time. Below is a list of a few anticipated films canceled in the middle of production.

Spider-Man 4 starring Tobey Maguire had to be on the list

Tobey Maguire Spiderman 4
It’s being rumored that Spider-Man 4 to Reunite Sam Raimi & Tobey Maguire in Sony Spider Universe

There is no denying that everyone was eagerly waiting for this even if the Spider-Man 3 flopped at the Box Office. In the year 2010, Spiderman 4 was announced and there were some issues with the script. Sony Studios couldn’t move forward creatively with the project. Later it was decided to just scrap the project instead of finding a replacement. No one knew This new franchise, TASM would end up suffering a similar fate a few years later.

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Game of Death: Martial Art Legend, Bruce Lee’s Last Film

Bruce Lee and Kareem Abdul
Bruce Lee with NBA Basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in The Game of Death

The world was shocked by the unexpected death of Bruce Lee in 1973. Lee was still in the middle of shooting The Game of Death when he died. We all remember a photo of Bruce Lee in a Yellow and Black jumpsuit!! The same photo comes from Game of Death, a movie he never completed. 

Super Man Lives: Nic Cage As A Super Hero But With A Different Protagonist

What do you think? How was Nic Cage as Superman?

Tim Burton delivered a huge financial success to DC with the Batman series in 1989 and 1932. Later, Burton wanted Nic Cage to embrace the darkness of Batman and mixed it with his peculiar style. The story of Superman Lives went through various rewrites, having the same plot of superman’s death. However, the plan didn’t appeal to many, so plans for a third Batman movie were canceled. 

My Best Friend’s Birthday: One of the cursed movies of Tarantino that never got made

Movies that were cancelled before filming

With a budget of $50000, Quentin Tarantino’s wanted to make a screwball comedy movie. The movie had a man named Clarance played by Tarantino who wanted to surprise his friend Mickey played by Hamann on his birthday. The film could not complete as reportedly there was a lab fire that caused half of the film to be destroyed during the editing process. Only 36 minutes of footage left of the 70-minute film and Quentin claims that it could still be restored and finished one day.

Slipstream: Steven Spielberg’s second outing as a director

Anticipated movies cancelled during production
Steven Spielberg

The movie was based on a story of a biker’s racing team fighting for the title. Spielberg hired Tony Bill to fill one of the lead roles and brought Allen Daviau as cinematographer. And that’s where the future Hollywood heavyweight’s relative rawness comes into play: Steven drastically underestimated the budget required to produce the movie. He received his film stock and equipment by way of a kind donation and estimated that he only needed $5,000 to make Slipstream. 

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