Apple TV Is Getting PlayStation, Xbox Controller Support for Apple Arcade

Apple TV devices will soon be able to support the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers in preparation for the release of the Apple Arcade service, the tech giant announced on Monday during its Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. This means that when Apple and all the games that are included in the Apple Arcade’s vast library will be playable from a couch, bed, chair, or whatever else you have situated in front of your Apple TV electronic devices. It’s unclear at this time whether every game available in the service will be able to support these controllers, but the subscription platform itself will.

Apple Arcade’s vast library games playable from everywhere

With Apple Arcade scheduled to release sometime during the fall of this year, it was expected that there be something pertaining to the service announced during the ongoing conference. When speaking about the improvements that are being made to the Apple TV products that include new screensavers and better watch lists, the Apple Arcade controller support was mentioned briefly with the Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 controllers mentioned specifically. Apple’s Tim Cook said that in order to play some of the best games around that’ll be available through the Apple Arcade service, players will be needing the support of some of the best controllers that are available.

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Apple first revealed its Apple Arcade subscription service back in March during another one of its big events. The company is also reportedly spending a ton of money on the service as well with some reports suggesting that as much as half a billion dollars is being funneled into the electronic service.

Description of expectations from Apple Arcade

The Apple Arcade service isn’t out yet and is still planned for a release this fall, but there’s already a site set up that shows some of the many games that will be included in the library. That site also gives a brief description of what subscribers can expect from Apple Arcade.

“Apple has joined the forces with some of the world’s most innovative game developers to push the boundaries of what’s possible,” the site says. “We’re working closely with these visionaries to help them realize the games of their dreams — and yours.”

A new iPod Touch is also now available to purchase if you’re looking for a bit smaller screen to play your Apple Arcade games on, the first of its kind in years since the last iPod Touch product was released.

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