If you live underwater, it means that your lungs are definitely going to be filled with fluids, which is why Atlanteans spew out vomit when they’re suddenly summoned out of the water in Aquaman.

In one of the sequences from the film, Arthur fights Orm and Mera opens a patch of air underwater to rescue Aquaman. Here, we see Orm struggling and flopping out before vomiting from his mouth.

Now, as explained by director James Wan, there is a lot of logic and science behind this.

“Just from a practical standpoint, people ask me, when they talk, ‘Is it bubbles that come out of their mouth?'” Wan explained. “No, ’cause there’s no air in your lungs, so there wouldn’t be any bubbles, right? Because you don’t do that, right? And, so, then, in that sequence, where you saw Mera open up this air pocket to suck Orm away from Arthur, help him out, now, when he’s breathing, the first thing he does is he using the air pockets, where he could get out all of the water that’s in his lungs.”

However, none of Aquaman’s cast member was forced to film underwater sequences. The characters do zip through water but the whole movie was filmed using a ‘dry to wet’ process.

“It is very difficult just trying to simulate that, the look of weightlessness that you would get under water, but we did tons of R&D very early on,” Wan explained. “With how people would move under water. We built props, we built sets, and we submerged everything underwater, and we did tons of study just to see what things would look like. Ultimately, what we realize, is what we can do underwater… We’re still very much limited by what we’re capable of doing because we’re normal human beings. We’re not Atlantean, right? These guys, obviously, move very differently in a water space, in that space. To them, they’re basically like superheroes, but, for us, we swim slowly.”

Aquaman will hit the theatres on December 21.

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